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Fort St George, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Fort St. George was built by the British East India Company in 1640 AD giving it a military architecture. It bestows pride and caliber in Chennai. The fort was inaugurated on April 23rd coinciding with St. George's Day. Hence the Fort was named after the patron saint St. George. The Fort faced the sea and became a prominent place of merchandise which paved way for the formation of a town called George Town which enveloped the other villages and was popularly called as Chennaipattinam. Now it is being preserved and sustained by The Archaeological Survey of India. Within the boundaries of Fort St. George, the St. Mary's church and Museum is located with awe-inspiring paintings, medals, letters and antiques belonging to the colonial period. The glass windows, teak plaques still glitter with their beauty and are a delight for the eyes. The Fort St. George Museum was built in 1976 and honoured as one of the oldest surviving buildings. The 150 feet tall Flagstaff is a fascinating feature of the Fort. It is made up of teakwood. The statue of Lord Cornwallis in front of the museum is a masterpiece and has historical importance to it. Presently, the Fort houses the Administrative Headquarters, The State Legislature and the Secretariat.

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