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Marina Beach, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

The second longest beach in the world, the Marina Beach, runs from Fort St. George in the north to Besant Nagar in the south, a 12 Km shoreline in the city of Chennai along the Bay of Bengal. The beach is primarily a sandy beach. Activities: The major attractions/activities around the beach other than the beach itself are the beach side shops which bring a spark for the women folk and kids with numerous household items, decorations, wall hangings made of shells and stones, jewellery, toys, etc. There are many notable structures and statues from the tourism perspective. It is also an ideal spot for a morning walk or jog, an ideal lovers' spot, one of the best places for kids to play in the water. The beach is known for its steady waves. Bathing/swimming is banned in the beach though there are a few who do so illegally


The road running parallel to the beach is considerably wide and has a lot of interest towards tourism.

Notable structures:

A significant stretch of the beach road is adorned with stone statues and other historical sculptures. To name a few are the statues of the great, world renowned freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi, the legendary - Kannagi, the great Tamil poet and philosopher - Thiruvalluvar, statue of the world famous Dr Annie Besant, status of GU Pope, the statue of Labour which stands as a symbol of the hard work of the people. Recently, a statue of the great actor Sivaji Ganesan has been raised. Memorials of the former Chief Ministers of Tamil Nadu, Kamarajar and M G Ramachandran who are still remembered by the people of the state are also present.

Artificial waterfalls:

To add to the enthusiasm of the children and the visitors, the Tamil Nadu Government introduced the artificial Marina Waterfalls with light features in September 2005.

Historical institutions and monuments:

There are also quite a few government institutions and historical buildings from the British rule along the beach road. To name a few:

* Vivekananda House
* University of Madras
* Presidency College
* Queen Mary's College
* Police Headquarters
* Public Works Department
* Lady Wellington School

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