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J Krishnamurti

jkrishnamurthy J KrishnamurtiThrough his teachings, J Krishnamurti helped provide his listeners a unique vision of life, as it should be led. Born in Madanapalle, a small town in Andhra Pradesh on May 11th 1895, Jiddu Krishnamurti (fondly know as JK) was adopted by Dr Annie Besant, the well known president of the Theosophical Society.

Recognised as a world teacher, he was made head of an organisation called the Order of the Star in the East in 1911. But years later, the organisation that had a large following, was dissolved and he was taken to England to be privately educated and trained. It is said that in 1922, JK went through certain mystical experiences. For more than sixty years, till his death on February 17 1986, he travelled the world.

JK’s writings have been translated into 47 languages. Fifty books were published during his lifetime and 20 books have been published since his death. The Krishnamurti Foundation India (KFI) headquartered at Chennai, works toward propagating his teachings. The School – KFI, in Chennai, is one among seven schools run by the Foundation in India.