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Milind V Limbekar

At 28, Milind V. Limbekar is a matured artist. His works (more than 2,000 so far) bear testimony to this fact.

Born in Nagpur, Milind’s initial stirring towards Painting were spurred by his father who was also an artist.

Milind, who holds Masters degree in Painting and Criticism, is also a critic and visiting lecturer. Milind says his background in Art Criticism has helped him understand the historical background of renowned artists. This actually helps him in his work. The artist is more interested in transition, landscape and social reactive and expressive paintings. To make his work more expressive, he has researched on various social issues, including the Bombay riots.

Most of his works are in graffiti. All his paintings are on-surface and do not have any depth. The medium used is acrylic, because he feels that it maintains transparency of colour and is also bright.

For Milind, everything around him is his muse. Recently, the artist saw a man, near the Adyar flyover, answering nature’s call. He drew the scene at once and the painting sold out immediately!

The artist, who is a visiting lecturer to Nagpur University, loves to travel. He plans to tour New Delhi, Mumbai and Bhopal to know more about Indian culture and show it on canvas. Recipient of various awards including the Shreshta Art Resources Award, Milind has had solo exhibitions at Shristhi Art Gallery in 1997 and 1998, apart from his taking part in group exhibitions and workshops. He is also a frequent writer for national magazines and newspapers.

Address: Milind V.Limbekar, Cholamandal Artists Village, Injambakkam,
Chennai 600 041.