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Nadigar Sangam Elections

Truth is stranger than fiction! goes the saying and nothing else could sum up the current situation at the Nadigar Sangam!

ELECTION DATE: Oct 18, 2015

What is the Issue?

  • In November 2010 trouble began Nadigar Sangam decided to demolish the existing building and construct a commercial complex. The association signed an agreement with a private company to lease out the land for 30 years. The idea was to construct a multi-storey building to house a multiplex and an exclusive space for the association. The old building was later demolished. In 2012, many members raised a voice of dissent against the move and filed a case against Sarathkumar and Radha Ravi.
  • Actor Vishal and a few others began raising questions about the way Nadigar Sangam functioned.
    Vishal and his group insisted that the agreement with the private party be cancelled and asked for the Sangam to construct its own building.

The Players?

Sarath Kumar Team

Radha Ravi, Silambarasan and some others

Nasser Team

Vishal, Ponvannan, Karunas, Kushboo, Karthi and Kamal Haasan

What they Said?

Kamalahaasan: Need a change

Khushboo: Need change

Other Actors?

Vadivel, S Ve Sekhar