Achievements of AIADMK – After Selvi Jayalalitha

Selvi Jayalalitha, the former chief minister of Tamil Nadu was a leader par comparison. Her administrative capability and political prowess came to be her brand statement. It was almost unimaginable for an organization (AIADMK) to survive after the untimely demise of Selvi Jayalalitha on 5 December 2016.

In this article, we look at some of the achievements of AIADMK headed by Chief Minister Thiru Edapaadi Panalisamy post the demise of the ever charismatic Selvi Jayalalitha.

Best Projects Implemented by AIADMK - After Jayalalitha by Thiru Edapaadi Palaniswami

10. Smart City Projects

The government headed by Thiru Edpaadi Palanisamy can be credited with the implementation of the Smart City Projects in 11 Cities in Tamil Nadu including Chennai. The projects have become a stupendous success. The projects range from Cycle Share to Street Improvement. Many of these projects will complete in the months to come and will surely have a fan following.

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9. Water Body Restoration & Desalination Plants

Water is a perpetual challenge in Chennai. The government has undertaken a series of steps to increase the water storage potential of Chennai City.

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The Government has taken efforts to increase the water storage potential of dilapidated water bodies to the tune of 1 Thousand Mission Cubic Feet (1 TMC). The efforts of this restoration are already seen in many parts of Chennai. The groundwater table has risen dramatically after this monsoon, unlike in previous years.

8. Life to Port Maduravoyil Projects

If Chennai aspires to be a world city, then we need to focus on the various modes and usage types of transport. The Port Maduraivoyil elevated corridor is one such project that will give Chennai the much needed dedicated port movement advantage. Currently, even though the freight reached Chennai port 24/7, the freight cannot be moved via Chennai due to traffic restrictions during day time. This elevated corridor would mean that the freight will keep moving across the day.

This will create jobs, ease freight movement and hence make Chennai more competitive.

7. Implementation of Metro Phase 1 & Start of Metro Phase 2

DMK was surely the reason behind getting Metro Phase 1 sanctioned for Chennai City. But interestingly the implementation of this project was mostly done during the AIADMK regime. Also to the credit of the Chief Minister, the Government of TamilNadu has given the go-ahead for the implementation of the Metro Phase which is another 120 km of Metro on top of the existing 45.1 km of Metro in Phase 1.

6. Global Investors Meet

The AIADMK government led by Chief Minister Edapaadi K Palanisamy conducted the second global investors meet after a gap of 3 years and the first following the death of Selvi Jayalalitha.

The meet attracted industrialists from across the world and was considered a grand success, considering the fact that the global economy itself was in turmoil. The Global Investors Meet attracted commitments to the tune of Rs 20000 + Crores to Tamil Nadu and was a grand success.

5. Chennai Disaster Management & Adaptation

4. Plastic Ban

Starting January 1, 2019, the Government of Tamilnadu enforced Plastic Ban across the state. This was done using order by the Tamilnadu Pollution Control Board. The ban restricted the usage of single-use plastic among others.

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3. T-Nagar Pedestrianization

The Greater Chennai Corporation along with Chennai Smart City Limited implemented the first pedestrian plaza in Chennai. The pedestrian plaza was modeled around the Times Square Plaza in New York. The project prioritizes pedestrians over other modes of transport. It is built at the cost of Rs 36 Crores in T Nagar Pondy Bazaar.

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2. Funds for Buses

One of the institutions that are the lifeline of Chennai is MTC. This organization is responsible for transporting 3.5 million people every day. Till about last year the average age of buses in MTC was 8.4 years. But in the last 1 year, thanks to the introduction of many buses this average age has come down to 6. There are also various steps taken up by the Transport Department to procure 3000 additional buses using various schemes like KfW and World Bank.

1. Gave Re-Life to AIADMK.

The fact that the AIADMK party is relevant itself after the demise of Selvi Jayalalitha is an amazing achievement. Selvi Jayalalitha who was known to rule with an Iron hand and a very centralized administrative structure. During this period no leaders emerged in AIADMK barring a few exceptions like former Chief Minister and no Deputy Chief Minister Thiru O Paneerselvam. It was assumed that the return of DMK to power was only a matter of months if not weeks in the days following the death of the former Chief Minister. Thiru Edapaadi K Palaniswami has managed the navigate the party during testing times from a possibility of hitting oblivion to the relevant and winning party.

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