Nambungal Narayana

nambungalnarayananHe is a man who encounters skirmishes with people in authority, including the former Prime Ministers of India for his heart breaking predictions, which always come true.

At his Ashok Nagar residence, the 71-year old astro-numerologist, Nambungal Narayana, who has made some scintillating predictions, is not too happy as he is now like a beggar longing for recognition.


The man who speaks what he sees in his vision makes no bones about what he is after. Recognition from his own country. His vision, that usually comes at 2’o clock in the night, showed him earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, an attempt on the life of the former US President Ronald Reagan, ex-President Richard Nixon losing his job, Margaret Thatcher regaining power in Britain, murder of Indira Gandhi and the assassination attempt on the former US President Bill Clinton.

The astro-numerologist has lots of predictions and paper cuttings for both the believer and skeptic in you.

The predictions will certainly bowl you over and the paper cutting indicating the day he made his predictions will silence you.

The dances of stars have always inspired Narayan to make dire predictions. The one that capitulated Narayan to fame and gave him the title `Nambungal’ (the most trusted one), was his prediction that MGR would go out of power in 1980. The prediction came true and the late Chief Minister presented this maverick astrologer with the title and Rs.5001/- on a silver thali.

From then on he has never looked back. The astro numerologist, a commerce graduate coming from a family of astrologers has corporate like Satyam I Way and Polaris Software Lab queuing up apart from having clients like Rotary, politicians and celebrities.

This maverick astrologer who has given a series of successful and fascinating forecasts is now engaged in giving final touches to his predictions for May 15, when a rare celestial conjunction took place. Six planets except Jupiter were in conjunction in Taurus.

Now it has been predicted that the conjunction will range from Priyanka Gandhi becoming the Prime Minister in the next elections to a severe earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Ritcher Scale in the Himalayn region.

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