Nawab Mohammed Abdul Ali

His Highness, the Prince of Arcot, Nawab Mohammed Abdul Ali, is one of the premier citizens of our country. Carrying on his family tradition, The Prince of Arcot enjoys more than a title and enormous prestige. He was the Sherriff of Chennai (then Madras) for two terms, from 1984-1985 and again from 1988-1989. He is recognised by the Government as the ‘First Nobleman’ in the Muslim community of south India.

Apart from being a pious Muslim, he is a dedicated and committed social activist who chooses to be non-communal and non-political. He enjoys a rank equivalent to that of state cabinet ministers and is officially recognised by His Excellency ‘The President of India’ as The Prince of Arcot. He is the founder secretary-general of Harmony India, (founded-1990) an association to promote communal amity, secularism and National Integration. He is also a jury member of the National Foundation of Communal Harmony. The Prince is a patron of music, art and literature and his hobbies include photography, gardening and reading books.


Indeed, nobility personified.

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