Thaana Serntha Kootam

Thaana Serntha Kootam (TSK), is an upcoming tamil movie with actor Surya and actress Keerthi Suresh in lead roles. The movie is expected to release during the Pongal season of 2018.

The movie is directed by Santhosh Sivan and produced by Studio Green Gnanavel Raja. The single of the movie sodakku has already been well accepted by listeners and has only increased the anticipation for the release of the movie.


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Movie Review

Thaana Serntha Kootam is a easy going holiday action movie to watch this pongal. The movie stars Surya, Ramya Krishnan, Suresh menon and yesteryear actors Karthik and Senthil.

The first 30 minutes of the movie open showing Surya and Ramya Krishnan as CBI officers and doing a raid in a corrupt politician’s house. Soon the audience realise that Surya and gang are actually the con men who dupe corrupt people in the name of law, more like a modern day robin hood. The case sees Suresh menon and Karthik as CBO officers. Soon a cat and mouse game follows.

In the end actor karthik and suresh menon corner surya only to realise that, surya has always had sleeper cells inside various departments. It is a good one time watch, if you are heading to a long weekend. Happy watching.

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