TN Class 10 and Class 11 Public Exams Cancelled.

Much to the delight of many state-board students, Chief Minister Thiru. Edappadi K Palaniswami canceled the 10 Standard and 11 standard public exams.

“Considering the rising cases and demands from parents, Class X exams scheduled to start on June 15 and the remaining Class XI exams were canceled to protect the students from infection,” noted the honorable Cheif Minister of Tamil Nadu in the press statement.

Over nine lakh students across districts have welcomed the move with equal appreciation for the government’s decision. “I’m happy,” rejoices Jaslin, a class 10 student from Nammakal, as she praises the government for understanding student concerns. Harshad, a class 10 student from Chennai, with exhilaration notes, “It was too much pressure to handle the entire year at home. But now, I’m so relieved and happy.” “Students’ health is very important, so good action by TN CM,” notes Mr. David Nallaiah, a well-wishing citizen.

How will Class Ten and Class Eleven marks be calculated?

Government sources also noted that a Student’s Class X marks would be computed on an 80/20 split. 80% of marks will be calculated based on the student’s individual test scores in their respective school internal examinations. To be more specific, 40% of the marks from Quarterly Exams and 40% from Half-yearly exams will be combined to compute 80% of the public exam marks. The remaining 20% will be awarded based on the student’s attendance records.

Why was the TN Public Exams postponed?

The government decision came at a time when families in Tamil Nadu were dreading Corona Infectious spread. The state is witnessing a steady rise in the number of positive COVID-19 cases, and this was concerning the student communities as well. Before this final decision of canceling public exams, the state government had tried to postpone the exams dates thrice. On the backdrop, many online requests, social media videos were made by students to let the educational authorities know about their concerns to appear for exams.

The decision to postpone exams took serious turn when CMO took cognizance of the state medical experts’ suggestions. Medical experts suggested that the pandemic spread may not decrease immediately, and it may take some more time for the pandemic situation to stabilize in the state. The Cheif Minister noted the parents’ apprehensions, Students’ concerns, and the medical experts’ reviews into consideration to make this final decision. The argument for exams postponement was relinquished to shift focus for canceling Tamil Nadu State board public exams.

TN SSLC Class 10 and Class 11 Exam Results 2020

Students can view their exam results from the Tamil Nadu State Board Education website http://tnresults.nic.in/.

Students can enter their registration number and date of birth and click on the ‘Get Marks’ button to view the subject-wise marks details.

Marks will be released in the first week of August 2020.

We noted that many students are of popular opinion that individual teachers will decide 2020 public exam marks, given the current situation of exam cancellation. However, it is not going to be so, atleast for government school students. The current state board school system from the educational year 2019, requires government schools to upload all internal test scores of students appearing for public board exams, online, within 30 days of paper correction. Hence, all the internal exam results of the current class 10, class 11, and class 12 students, have already made it to the state education department’s information systems. Hence, teachers will have no say in computing the final public exams marks, since the internal results have already been uploaded into the systems. “The only influence that a school or teacher can now have is the attendance,” notes one of the students in Karur.

However, private schools do seem to have an opportunity to influence student marks. There have been unverified reports of a few teachers seeking bribes as high as Rs. 50,000/- to change internal marks. Taking note of this, the directorate of examination has asked private schools to submit all exam records of class 10 and 11 students by June 12, 2020. Minimizing the window of submission might help in private school teachers’ likelihoods to tamper exam records.

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