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The development team of SpiritOfChennai.com would like to thank the following people specially for making this site what it is today by their support and their continuous suggestions and also by being our inspiration.

Pushpa Upadyay (SSI Technologies), Republic of India
Girija Dharmaraj, University Of Calgary, Canada
Shanmugaraj (P Shanmugaraj & Co), Republic Of India
Anand Natraj (Agriya Infoway), Republic of India
Priya (Ernst & Young), Republic Of India
Das R K (REC Trichy), Republic Of India
Shankar, Republic Of India
David, Republic Of India
Paul Gompers (Professor), Harvard Business School, US
Philip Matthews (Senior Project Scientist), Ford Foundation, US
Jeyakumar, RajParis Civil Constructions, Republic Of India
Mr Sridhar (Sridhar Pharmacy), Republic Of India
Mr Mahesh, Republic Of India
Mr Venugopal (Retd. GM BOI), Republic Of India

To each one of the “The Titans” 2002, Anna University, Republic Of India

Special Thanks to:

Abraham Kramony, (Times Groups), Republic Of India

We would also like to thank the Following Organizations for allowing us to use the information on their website.

www.webhealthcenter.com (A TCS Venture)

We would also like to thank the organizations that own the following website’s, that we get some of our information from.

www.hinduonnet.com (The Hindu)
The Business Line

We would also like to thank the Following of our readers who have helped us to improve our site by their suggestions.

Mrs & Mr Chidambaram
Mrs Sethi Singh
Mr Saravanan
Mr Raj
Ms Anusha
Ms Hamsaveni
Mr Gopinath
Mrs Vinith Beryl Canstance