Largest Employers in Chennai

Chennai is home to some of the world’s biggest companies. Since establishing itself as the BPO capital of the world, Chennai is now home to some leading IT companies. The slideshow lists the largest employers in Chennai.

The Metropolitan Transport Corporation employs about 24000 people in Chennai.


TCS employs about 40000 people in Chennai. Probably one of the largest private sector employers in Chennai.

Infosys employs around 12000 people in Chennai.

Cognizant employs around 80000 people in Chennai and sure finds its way in the top employers list in Chennai.

HCL employs around 30000 people in Chennai.

TVS Group
The TVS Group has varied businesses and employs more than 60000 Chennai wide.

Government of Tamilnadu
The Govt. of Tamilnadu is the largest employer in Chennai. People being employed in a wide range of departments. It constitutes to around 3.2 lakh+ jobs in Chennai.

Corporation of Greater Chennai
The Corporation of Chennai is one of the largest employers in Chennai. Employing around 20000 people.

Hyundai employs about 10000 people in Chennai. It manufactures cars and also uses Chennai as an export base.

Government of India
The Central Govt. also contributes to employment is a large way! From Avadi tank factory to Defence Central Govt. employs close to 40000 people in Chennai.

ICF & Railways
The Integral Coach Factory & the Suburban Railways employ in excess of 20000 people in Chennai!

How else do you think they can transport a million people a day by suburban train. The ICF produces coaches that are also exported to other parts of the world.

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