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What to do when Chennai Rains?

2015 is was Chennai Rains caused flood. 2016 it was Vardah cyclone which caused Chennai Floods. 2017 it was Ockhi that devastated the south TN again with Floods. While the reasons for the Chennai Rains and Floods, is still a debate, here are few things that we as individuals need to know. Better to know the risk and be prepared, than to be caught by unawares and be victims of floods.

Before the Flood

Pack your Bags

In event of sudden rise of water levels into you homes, temporary evacuation is inevitable. Hence, make sure your home has one emergency back packer or a suit case on wheels, always. The bag should ideally have the following items:

  • Torch Light
  • Drinking Water – two bottles per person atleast.
  • Biscuits, Cereals or ready to eat food packets that can satiate your hunger for 2 days
  • Two Change of clothes for each Individual
  • Diapers, Milk Powder and Baby Foods in case of families having a child
  • Medicines and Old Age support utilities, in case of families having elderly citizens
  • Towels, One Bed sheet, pack of wet tissues (very important toiletry in event of water scarcity) and if possible Rain jackets.
  • Battery back-up or power bank for your cell phone

Flood Proof your Things if not your Home:

If not for building changes like windows sealents, sump pumps,… at least flood proof your things. Reduce the liabilities of potential damage flood can create.

  • Store all Important document like Academic Certificates, Professional certificates, Medical Records and family photo albums in a tightly knotted plastic bags and then into a water proof suitcase or bag. Make sure they are also kept at higher reach inside your house.
  • Take precautions to electronics. Keeping you Fridge or Washing machine is a Kitchen slab is a temporary stop-gap that you choose.
  • Remove all toxic substances like rat-killer, Ant-killer, Repellents from home. It may contaminate the water coming inside your home and could be an epidemic once you return back to your home after the floods recede.
  • Invest in Car flood protection bad which can flood proof your car.

During the flood

  • If it continues to rain very heavily and water is inundating into your home, evacuate your home to higher elevation levels, IMMEDIATELY.
  • Avoid driving your car or two wheeler in flooded water. If caught in fast-rising waters and your vehicle stalls, Park the vehicle and exit to a safe area zone.
  • If the water movement is fast, the currents are strong. Walking on foot in these waters can literally sway you along. Added is the risk probability of electric leakage in water. Hence, try to stay within the safe area zone until emergency officials rescue or floods recede.
  • Flooding is the time to literally keep the core concept of a community living at heart. Try to find safety along with your neighbours. As a group, you can plan to survive the situation better, than you fight the battle of sustenance all alone. Fully collaborate with the group and keep all differences at bay. Make sure you have access to Mobile Radio, so that as a group you have access to the official information from Government.

Do not panic or believe in rumours.

So Chennai, be geared to manage the floods.