Buying a flat in Chennai: 11 points to check

Buying a flat in Chennai can be a very long task.

Points to be considered before buying a flat in Chennai

  1. Check whether the details of approved plan has been displayed at the site.
  2. Check whether the flat has been constructed as per the approved plan.
  3. Check whether the promoter/power of attorney has a right to transfer the undivided shares of land.
  4. Verify whether entire undivided shares of land has been transferred by the land owner/promoter/power of attorney to you.
  5. Land owner/promoter/power of attorney has no right over the open spaces and in the terrace after entire undivided shares of land has been transferred.
  6. Check whether the completion certificate issued by the CMDA (stands for Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority) has been obtained after the completion of the building.
  7. If you have any further clarifications regarding purchase of plot/flat, kindly contact the counselling counter at CMDA.

Enjoy your property in peace.

Points to be considered before buying of individual plot and construction of a residential building in Chennai

  1. Check whether the seller has a right over the property.
  2. Check whether the layout has been approved by the CMDA and local body.
    (copy of approved layout can be obtained from CMDA for nominal fee)
  3. Check whether the roads and park area has been handed over to the local body through a gift deed
  4. Check whether the abutting road of the plot has been maintained by the local body or has been handed over to the local body.
  5. Verify whether the plan has been prepared according to the development control rules.
  6. To check whether all the documents/certificates has been enclosed before submitting the plan for approval to CMDA/Corporation of Greater Chennai.
  7. To obtain planning permission from CMDA and building approval from the concerned local body. If not action will be taken against the unauthorised and deviated constructions.
  8. Kindly avoid unauthorised/deviated construction and stay free from the enforcement action of CMDA.