Chennai Flood Risk Map

The average elevation of Chennai is about 4m above Mean Sea Level. However this is not uniform across the entire City. Factors that would typically influence flooding would be Mean Sea Level, Proximity to River, Relative height compared to nearby areas. Based on these factors, Ms Beulah has helped us prepare the Chennai Flood Risk Map. Search your area on the map to see if it has a higher risk of flooding.


Maybe these maps can help when you decide to buy a house in various parts of Chennai. In addition to doing the mandatory legal documentation check, see the location and its possibility of flooding during high rain seasons. The above flood risk map, clearly indicates the areas flooded during the Dec 2015 floods. Though the initial flooding pattern resembles the location predicted by our study, extreme weather conditions like the Dec 2015 floods had over and above the mentioned area that was inundated due to the rains.

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