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6 Office Precaution to prevent COVID

Six COVID Office Precautions & Workplace Rules

Chennai Lockdown is coming to an end today. While many are opting to continue working from home, few will head back to their workplace...
Private Hospitals providing treatement for COVID-19/Corona in Chennai

Private Hospitals for COVID-19 Treatment in Chennai

The Government of Tamilnadu has allowed COVID-19 aka Corona Virus treatment in the following hospitals in Chennai. This is following the demand of many...
Chennai Lockdown till March 31, 2020 due to Corona Pandemic

Chennai in Lockdown till April 14 due to Corona / COVID19

The Prime Minister has announced that the entire country will be in complete lockdown for another 21 days. This is currently effective till April...
Chennai Corona Virus Response

Chennai’s Response to Corona – Is it Enough?

The number of cases of Corona in Chennai has, from the start, been lower than the national average. The only confirmed case so far...
Activities for Kids During Corona Quarantine

9 Ways to Engage Kids During Corona Quarantine

The Tamilnadu Government has passed a directive declaring compulsory leave till March 31, 2020, for classes 1-5. The Government's decision is an excellent decision,...