Six COVID Office Precautions & Workplace Rules

Chennai Lockdown is coming to an end today. While many are opting to continue working from home, few will head back to their workplace formally resuming to office duties. COVID pandemic is on the rise, and venturing out of your homes is nothing less than a warrior scenario. Despite all the odds, you will still be heading to work! 

6 Office Precaution to prevent COVID

The virus is out there, and you may be rightly scared about your health safety. So, how can you protect yourself from being infected from any virus attacks, leave alone the current pandemic? In this article, I will show you six things you can do to bullet-proof yourself from catching any CORONA infection.  


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Tip 1: Carry a Hand Sanitizer

A recent study from the University of Arizona found that even one mildly sick person can contaminate more than half the office surfaces within just 4 hours. Think of all the office surfaces that you usually touch – the office desk, drawers, doorknobs, vending machines, and even your desk phone.

It may be next to impossible to refrain from physically touching these surfaces. Work needs to be done, and unless you are a business owner, the chances are that you need to help yourself. In this case, use Hand Sanitizers, passably. 

Sanitizers scrouge the outer oily layer of your skin and remove the microbial taint, if any, along with it. So, use them before, during, and after your office hours. 

Many new hand sanitizers are gaining traction this pandemic. But, we would suggest that you stick with well-reputed and trusted products. I usually love Dettol, for they are both cost-effective and efficient. While many players steeply increased their retail prices during this pandemic, Dettol stuck its pre-pandemic price. So I personally have massive respect for this brand. But as of you, pick a well-reputed brand. Avoid home-made or non-certified sanitizers.

Tip 2: Stock Disinfection Wipes

Wet wipes, used for hands, can also be used to wipe your desk. Pick up wet disinfectant wipes like Neko Germ Protection or Canopus, and clean your office desk before you sit down to work. Wet wipes have very little moisture content. So it will disinfect your work furniture without dampening them.

Tip 3: Avoid Shared Spaces

Your office lifts, canteen, coffee counters, and toilets are shared spaces. So try to avoid frequent visits to these places. Ensure, you demand housekeeping services to maintain stringent sanitation procedures if you have to. Try to use your key chain, pen, or temporary paper cards to gently press lift buttons or press vending machine buttons. As much as you can, try to avoid using bare hands. 

Tip 4: Physical Distance

Conversations with your office colleagues are inevitable. Be socially close to them via digital avenues like chat, phone calls, or video calls. But, in-person maintain a physical distance of up to 2-3 meters. Notice I use the word physical distance here! 

We are social beings, and the word social distancing is so very inappropriate. Do not socially isolate yourself. The only way we can survive this pandemic is by overcoming this disaster, ‘together.’ So be friendly and kind as possible to everyone. A smile will not carry contagions. So do not avoid or race away from those you know, as if you saw a zombie! Just take precautions by maintaining a safe ‘physical’ distance. That is all that is required.


World Health Organization (WHO) recommends office spaces need to improve ventilation within office buildings. There is no better way to ventilate than to let the natural cross-ventilation flow through your windows. Natural ventilation will aid in the smooth transportation of aerosols from within your building to the outside world. This would mean any virus or bacterial microbes in your office has a way to get out of your premises via these mobile aerosols. So, convince your office administration to open your infrastructure for natural airflow. 

If you are behind closed office set-ups, without windows, and are wholly dependent on Air Conditioners, know that you are risking yourself. Air Conditioners circulate internal air. In literal terms, this would mean, you might be inhaling what your office colleague breathes out

The chances of catching an infection are very high if your office air condition is on. There are not many alternatives to avoid infection, but one of the possible things you can do is increase the outdoor air percentage using your air conditioner’s economizer mode. It would be best to increase it up to 100%, just to let more outdoor airflow through your AC units. 

Tip 6: Masks and Gloves.

Wearing masks at all times is a great way to filter out the contaminated aerosol intake. So, wear your masks at all times in your office, not just during entry or exits. Try to use breathable cloth masks, which is comfortable, unlike the Non-Woven medical kits, which makes your skin perspire. If possible, try to use gloves, just in case you want to avoid any contamination.

Tip 7: Bath & Wash

While this may sound like a no brainer, we must record this explicitly here. For this additional tip can help you protect your family from any possible contamination. When you enter back from office into your home head straight into your washing arena. Fill your buckets with a tablespoon of disinfectant liquid similar to Dettol and bath from head to toe, hair included. Make sure to wash your clothes immediately. Do not mix the clothes you wear to work with those of others in the family. Wash them separately. It essential that you care about the family, which supports you to head to work. So in your best interest, do not sit down on your sofa or bed as soon as you return from work. Always, Bath and Wash, before you connect with your family. 

Simple hygiene measures can go a long way in protecting you. These tips are mostly in-line with World Health Organizational (WHO) standards. So, as long as you follow them, you will mostly stay protected. 

Personal Sanitation and Hygiene habits can drastically reduce the risk of viral infections. So, as you complete the lockdown and head back to work, do bear these COVID Office precautions in mind. These office tips help you avoid CORONA and create safe work environments for you!

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