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16 Lakhs Spent by Kid Online on PUBG

16 lakhs in PUBG, What’s your Kid Upto this Lockdown?

This Lock-down is perfect bliss for Kids and teenagers. Guess Why?  They can spend extra time...

Best Countries who are successfully managing Corona Virus

Approximately 2.91% of the world population has been tested positive for COVID-19. Mostly they are citizens who have been formally tested by...
Private Hospitals providing treatement for COVID-19/Corona in Chennai

Private Hospitals for COVID-19 Treatment in Chennai

The Government of Tamilnadu has allowed COVID-19 aka Corona Virus treatment in the following hospitals in Chennai. This is following the demand...
Provisions & Grocery Home Delivery in Chennai during Corona Lockdown

Grocery Stores & Vegetable Shops doing home delivery in Chennai

During the Corona, lockdown free public movement has been restricted as per law till April 14, 2020. However, if you need Grocery/Provisions,...
Movie Stars during Corona Lockdown

What are Movie Stars doing during Corona Lockdown

The lockdown is already driving many people nuts. But many Kollywood celebrities have managed to utilize this downtime to their advantage.