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How to take the COVID-19 test in Chennai?

You can currently get COVID-19 testing done in the following Government or Private Hospitals and Clinics. Government Hospitals to do COVID-19 Testing in Chennai King...
Private Hospitals providing treatement for COVID-19/Corona in Chennai

Private Hospitals for COVID-19 Treatment in Chennai

The demand for beds has skyrocketed following the second wave of corona/COVID-19 in Chennai. The Government of Tamilnadu has allowed COVID-19(Corona Virus) treatment in...
Provisions & Grocery Home Delivery in Chennai during Corona Lockdown

Grocery Stores & Vegetable Shops doing home delivery in Chennai

During the Corona, lockdown free public movement has been restricted as per law till April 14, 2020. However, if you need Grocery/Provisions, you are...
Chennai Lockdown till March 31, 2020 due to Corona Pandemic

Chennai in Lockdown till April 14 due to Corona / COVID19

The Prime Minister has announced that the entire country will be in complete lockdown for another 21 days. This is currently effective till April...
Chennai Corona Virus Response

Chennai’s Response to Corona – Is it Enough?

The number of cases of Corona in Chennai has, from the start, been lower than the national average. The only confirmed case so far...