Where will it Rain in Chennai?

Potential locations that will be flooded in case of rain in Chennai

Our in-house GIS engineer Ms Beulah Evelyn Lazarus has come up with a flood risk map for Chennai.

Where will it flood in Chennai in the next rains? Will floods inundate in-roads of your location, again? Analyze the map, to access your residence’s natural topography and it’s vulnerability of floods. It will go a long way in helping you foster preventive actions in the future.


Elevation: Topographic Elevation presented as a range of classes from 1 (1 meter) to 5 (The highest point from MSL in Chennai is 83 meters near Pallavaram hills).

Drainage Network: Stream Order, ranges from 1 (low capacity) to 5 (high capacity), computed from Elevation datasets.This would be the natural hydrological flow direction in event of floods.

Check your location vulnerability: Zoom into your location and click on the map for pop-up of attributes or visualize datasets for it’s color gradient. Lower a zone’s elevation and higher it’s drainage class, makes the zone more vulnerable for floods.
Note: The Map Colors are only indicative of flood vulnerability and not the actual water-logging or flood incidents.

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