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  1. Guidelines for Disposal of Medical Waste / Masks for the treatment of COVID-19. – Click Here
  2. Details and Government Orders by Government of Tamilnadu for the lockdown till April 14, 2020. – Click Here
  3. Chennai Schools Lockdown due to Corona Virus – Click Here
  4. Government Order to Clarify Allowing Home Delivery of Dunzo for Essential Commodities in Chennai. Click Here
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  1. How to keep Kids Engaged during the Corona Virus Lockdown
  2. Volunteer Opportunities in Chennai during the Corona Lockdown.
  3. How Chennai Corporation is Managing Rumors during the Corona Pandemic Lock-down!
  4. Grocery Stores and vegetable shops doing home delivery during the Corona Lockdown.
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People living in Chennai can dial the toll-free number 1077 or call 044-25243454 to register their queries. Chennaites can also share information on these numbers and can also use the WhatsApp number 9384056232. Through a press release, Chennai district collector said immediate action will be taken on complaints about COVID-19 upon contacting any of these numbers which is a 24/7 number.

Hospital and Ambulance Helpline Numbers :

National Hospital Ambulance 25240131
Apollo Ambulance 1066 , 28294302
St. Johns Ambulance 28194630
Helpling Point Ambulance 28280257
Trauma Care Consortium 28150700 , 28240311
Government General Hospital 25305000
Government Kilpauk Hospital 28364951
Government Royapettah Hospital 28483051
Government Stanley Hospital 25281347
Govt. Hospital for Women & Children 28191982
Kasturba Hospital for Women 28545449
Institute of Child Health & Hospital 28191135
Voluntary Health Service 22541972

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