Managing Rumors the High Tech Way! – Kudos to Chennai Corporation

During these trying times of Lockdown to prevent Corona Pandemic spread, one thing that seems to go around faster than support is Fake News!

Chennai Corona Virus Rumors

The Greater Chennai Corporation has found a unique way to arrest the spread of fake news about Corona Support in Chennai. 


How to Check the Authenticity of Any Corona Related News in Chennai?

Just tweet any news article, WhatsApp forward or press release that you find suspicious, please tweet about and tag the official twitter handle of Greater Chennai Corporation at @chenaicorp with hashtag ##GCCMythBusters. A team from the GCC Corona task force will respond if the information is authentic or not!

This initiative is Brilliant work by Greater Chennai Corporation and Chennai Smart City Limited. 

The Greater Chennai Corporation is doing some outstanding work in leading the city during these trying times. 

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