9 Ways to Engage Kids During Corona Quarantine

The Tamilnadu Government has passed a directive declaring compulsory leave till March 31, 2020, for classes 1-5. The Government’s decision is an excellent decision, as it will restrict the person-to-person transmission. Nevertheless, this also presents the parents with a new challenge – ‘Keeping Kids Occupied.’ If this were the holidays, parents could always ask them to play outdoors, but during a quarantine, parents cannot risk doing that. We have a list of 9 things (+1 Bonus) that can keep your kids entertained in the event of a Corona Virus Quarantine.

Activities for Kids During Corona Quarantine
Activities for Kids During Corona Quarantine

Activity Books

Activity books are now available for kids of almost all ages and even for adults in many cases. The activity books typically have puzzles, number games, IQ questions, and coloring activities. It not only helps to keep children occupied but also opens the possibility of developing a hobby.


Playing Dough

Kids love modeling real-world things. They like to create a miniature version of complex objects. It only improves their creativity but also helps them appreciate the complexity of various objects and living beings. Playing dough kits are available in a range of colors from leading brands in multiple color combinations. Most play dough kits are available with stencils of various shapes. Kids can use their vivid imagination to make any model and even engineer new models.

Playing Duugh in Chennai

Jick Saw – Puzzles

A map puzzle keeps children busy and even helps them learn geography. It is much easier than going through textbooks. Puzzles help kids visualize patterns like no other activity. There are complex puzzle games available in the market that are more than 1500 pieces. These games help kids pay attention to minute details for searching the connecting adjacent pieces. It is said that kids who get addicted to puzzles complete process cycles in totality later in life.

Art Supplies – Coloring

Coloring has kept kids interested for ages now. Children develop creativity when a new pack of art supplies is given to them. Older kids and seasoned color artists can try oil painting more gratifying. There are tons of online materials for painting and coloring.

Mathematics Work-books

If parents do not want their kids to lose touch with the subject just because they are out of school in the quarantine, then parents could explore Maths workbooks that make learning maths fun by giving a wide variety of problems to solve. Some workbooks are so much fun that it may eventually kindle the kids’ interest in maths.

Science Kits

Science Experiment kits can be fun for kids. Right from Physics experiments to Chemistry activities, science kits can make kids addicted to science and, in the process, help them master the fundamentals of the subject. Be it the ‘Glow Paints’ or ‘Magnet Experiments,’ you have a wide variety of choices based on your age and interest.


Having a combination of costumes at home can keep kids occupied for hours together. They can dress as their character of interest and do role-play and skits. Many companies offer costumes along with the play kist at affordable costs. Some shops may even allow renting these costumes at reasonable rates.

Learn Cooking

At-home-days are a great time to give kids an opportunity to try their hands-on cooking. Some kids may even pick it up early, and this may lead to a full fledges hobby. They can be given subscription kits or access to cooking channels on Youtube that are suitable for kids.

Reading Books

A calm time at home is also a great time to cultivate the art of reading in kids. Many books are available via kindle subscription for kids to indulge themselves. They can choose their genre depending on their interest.

Building Blocks

A time immemorial activity to keep kids occupied at home is to make large complex objects using building blocks. This activity helps the kids to improve patient and see a process through fully. Building blocks also stirs creativity in kids. Building blocks are available from 12 pieces to 4000 pieces in various brands, including Lego Toys. Most kits also offer a step by step guide to creating large complex objects.

Building Blocks in Chennai
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