Chennai Corporation Elections

2020 Chennai Corporation Local Body Elections – Latest Updates

2020 Chennai Local Body Elections
2020 Chennai Local Body Elections

The Elections for the Municipal Body of Chennai Corporation will be held for 200 wards of Greater Chennai Corporation by the State Election Commission Shortly.

Chennai Corporation Local Body Election Jurisdiction

The area of Greater Chennai Corporation represents about 426 of area split across 200 wards. Every Ward will finally elect a Councillor. Since, the direct election to the Mayor of Chennai has been scrapped by the Tamil Nadu Government, these elected councillors will in-turn elect their Mayor.

Chennai has not had a mayor since, August 2015, which is about 3.5 years. Saidai Sa. Duraisamy was the last elected Mayor of Chennai and he held the office from 2011 t0 2016 August.

The Presence of an elected leader will bring in the much needed citizen oversight in the Municipal Body.

This section gives you details about:

  • Past councillors of the ward
  • Jursidiction
  • Acheivements of past political parties
  • Election Process for Chennai Corporation
  • Election Manifesto
  • Local Issues
  • Civic Issues like Mosquito Menace
  • Urban Issue like poor quality of roads and waste management
  • Important Dates for 2019 Local Body Elections
  • Eligibility to stand for Chennai Council Elections
  • Spending Limit for Councillor Elections
  • Latest Updates in Chennai Tamilnadu Local Body elections
  • Voting Booth for Chennai, Tamil Nadu Local Body Elections

are some of the questions answered in this Special Coverage.

Important Dates for the 2020 Chennai Local Body Elections

Election Announcement by State Election Commission:

Last Date for Nomination:

Rejection of Nomination:


Counting & Announcement of Results: