Smart Classroom launched by Chennai Smart City

Greater Chennai Corporation & Chennai Smart City Limited in association with Samsung India (P) Ltd’s Corporate Social Responsibility division are launching Smart Class rooms in Chennai Corporation Schools.

As part of the initiative 28 classrooms have been converted into smart classrooms. The classrooms are adaptive and accommodate all the lesson plans from standard 6 to 12.


Smart Cities Mission Guidelines & Education

As per the Liveability Standards document released by the Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) to quantify their vision of SMART cities, MoUD wishes to create a connected and educated (3.1,3.2,3.4&3.5) citizenry equipped to work with technology (3.3) and live in a SMART city.

The 28 classrooms, selected by the Greater Chennai Corporation’s Education Officer at various Corporation schools, will be equipped with electricity, network connectivity and other relevant furniture required to create smart classrooms. Samsung India Electronics has entered into a MoU with GCC and agreed to provide required equipment for the smart classrooms.

Advantages of Smart Classroom

The various advantages of the Smart Classroom are:

  • Anytime Access to The Expansive World of Online Information
  • Teachers can access online information from various educational articles
  • Digital Tools Help Students Understand The Topic Better
  • A Top Bet for Absentees
  • Interactive Environment Favors Better Learning
  • “Go Green” with Smart Classes
  • A Perfect Option for Students with Different IQs
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Extracting the Best Out of Technology
  • A Fillip To Academic Performance
  • The Fun Element to Learning
  • Sparing you of the monotonous traditional classroom environment

Chennai Corporation and Government of Tamil Nadu already offers various schemes to its students:

  • Laptops to students of XI and XII.
  • Free Text books for all the students of I to XII Standard.
  • Free Uniforms and Note books are given to the pupils under the mid-day meals scheme in all Corporation Schools.
  • Special Fee exemption are being rendered to the students who belong to SC, ST, MBC and BC in 9th and 10th Std.
  • Scholarships are being given to SC, ST, MBC and BC Students studying in 11th and 12th Std.
  • Scholarships for the wards of The Conservancy Workers.
  • Bi-Cycles are given to the Girls students belong to SC, ST, MBC and BC in 11th and 12th Standard.
  • Free Bus Passes are given to students every year from their residents to the School.
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