Senior Citizens – Benefits and Rights!

The society we live today was indeed built by the toil and work of our previous generation. It is the duty and obligation of the present generation to take care of senior citizens. Tamil Nadu has 11.2% of senior citizens. It is important that we are aware of the laws, subsides and initiatives of the government which protects them.

Elderly care from your Children – Your legal right!


The Maintenance and Welfare of Parents And Senior Citizens Act, 2007, mandates Legal heirs or children to take care of their parents. Generally a minimum monthly alimony amount of Rs. 5000 per month needs to be provided to senior citizens above 60.While children are morally obligated to give back to the ones who raised them, the Legal entity also bestows a legal obligation to do so. A senior citizen above the age of 60 can approach the tribunal In case of any discrepancies.

Get your property back from non-caring children

The Maintenance and Welfare of Parents And Senior Citizens Act, 2007 also has provisions for senior citizens to suspend rights of settlement deeds or name transfer, if the legal heirs or children do not treat the parents with needed respect or care! Gone are the days when old elderly citizens were dumped on the roads by their own children after transfer of property title deeds. A Senior Citizen can approach the local district collector office or court tribunal to initiate process in this regard.

Right to be Employed and not discriminated by Age!

We Senior Citizens have a legal right to be employed and not be rejected a job based on their age. Article 41 secures Right to employment of elderly citizens and Article 46 of education and economic rights!

Discounted State Bus Transits

Certain state transports provide bus tickets at discounted rates for senior citizens.

Railways Concessions

National Policy for Older citizens ensures that 30% subsidy on ticket prices of Indian Railways for senior citizens above 60. There is also 50% subsidy for woman aged above 60. There are also booking priorities on Emergency Quota (EQ), Berth Request,…

Flight concessions

Senior Citizens flying in Air India have 45% concessions of ticket prices. Jet Airways also has concessions for Senior Citizens.

Tax Discounts

The senior citizen community is eligible for higher tax rebates. For Citizens of age 60 years, income upto 3 Lakhs is not taxed. A Super Senior Citizens of age of 80 years and above upto 5 lakhs is not taxed. Section 88-B, also provides tax relief of up Rs. 20,000 for senior citizens above 65. Under Section 80D a senior citizen can claim deduction upto Rs. 50,000 on Health and Medical Insurance. Senior citizens above 65 years are also exempted from paying professional taxes.

Higher Interest rates on Savings

The bank and post office schemes provide lucrative Interests Rates (approx. 8.75% to 9%) for savings and fixed deposits for senior citizens. There are also schemes where TDS deduction on Capital gains of interest is also waived for senior citizens.

Priority hearings in Court

In a realm of adjournments and pending files, Courts in India provide priority hearings for those petitioning under senior citizen quota.

Health Insurance

A senior citizen between the age of 60-80 years can take benefit of Varishta Mediclaim policy offered by National Insurance. There are also government offered schemes like “Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojna (RSBY)” and Central Government Hospitalization Scheme (CGHS) for retired central government employees.

These are few of the many benefits for available for senior citizens.



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