M.S. Jeyalalitha, C.M, a wonderful woman – Pride of India

All of us know that M.S.Jayalalitha, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, was a leading heroin of Cine Films. It is pertinent to note that cine film actor and actress becoming rulers are only exception rather than rule. Mr. Ronald D Reagan in U.S.A was an actor in cine films and subsequently became the president of U.S. In Tamil Nadu, India Late. Maruthur Gopalamenon Ramachandran, popularly known as M.G.W was a leading hero in tamil cine films for more than three decades, an to became the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu by quitting acting profession. So like Ronald Regan, late M.G.R also was film actor and the ruler. As far as Ms. Jeyalalitha is concerned probably she is the only woman in this world ruling as chief minister of Tamil Nadu for several tenures, who was a cine film actress before her political like. When she entered the political like as a propaganda secretary to the party of late M.G.R, she was known as ‘Beauty with Brain’.
At her age about Sixteen, around the year 1965, she entered the film career as a heroin with a first Tamil cine film by the name Vennira Aadai, Which means color of white garment. During that period there was one Tamil monthly cine film magazine with multi-color pictures by name ‘Bommai’ which ,eams ‘Doll” was published. After the release of her first film Ms. Jeya Lalitha, in that magazine had answered the questions raised by the cine fans. One of the fans had raised a question as “what Is your age?”. All of us know that no cine film actress wil reveal her actual age, but they will tell false age as if a teen ager, for several years has after crossing the age of 20 or 30 years. But, contrary to that Ms. Jeya lalitha had replies in as “I was born during Saravajithu Aandu, Masi Matham, Panni Rendaam Naal and you can calculate my age”. Had she told her age there will be another question or doubt whether the age is completed age or running age. So with the scope of giving no room for that situation, she had revealed her date of birth, 28 Februrary 1948, in Tamil Year month and date without any inhibition.

During the past years people of the world had seen two strong, bold, courageous and intelligent women Prime Ministers Late. India Gandhi of india and Ms. Golda Meir of Israel. Presently woman ruler similar to their qualities is Ms. Jeya Lalitha , the chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, India only. When she was an actress like giving oil when asked for oil seeds, by telling her actual date of birth, subsequently as a chief minister , she is providing all welfare measures to all people including school going students. Her health and life time is in the hands of Almighty and we have to pray to the almighty for the same.


This article was contributed by G Rajesh

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