5 Reasons why MTC Bus is better than your Car!

Apart from the fact that MTC buses are mostly overcrowded during peak-time and lack of availability of schedules; we thought we would put together a list of reasons why travelling by MTC in Chennai is better than using your car to do the journey!

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Number 5) Lowest Accident Rate Among Modes in Chennai! per Capita!

We have seen enough headlines about how MTC drivers have blood in their hands! (which is extremely gory and unfair). The fact is that statistically speaking MTC is still the least accident causing / involved-in mode of transport on Chennai roads. Also since every bus is packed! the per capita accident rate is the least for vehicles. This is further reduced by the 250+ kms that every bus does every single day! So if you were to do 1km of travel on Chennai roads, you are the SAFEST in MTC!

Number 4) Its Cheaper!

Consider this! A bus from Madya Kailash to Siruchery IT park in any Bus, it is going to cost you around 11 for White board / 15 for Express and 21 for AC Volvo. But the same distance on the car would cost you around 100+ in fuel cost. You can always debate the convenience of last mile connectivity. But it is surely the best deal for people along transit corridors.

Number 3) Saves Time

It saves you the time. You are obviously asking! How come when the bus is stuck in the same traffic. Well it is obvious again! You can think about anything when on a bus!! Work! Study! Podcast etc…. Not something that is easy when driving a car now can you?

Number 2) Improves Health (Both yours and Environment’s!)

Public Transport has the least per capita carbon footprint. And since you are not in your car adding to the traffic congestion, you are actually increasing the traffic flow, thereby reducing the carbon footprint of Chennai.

Number 1) You can see the Skyline!

Did you realize there is new circus in town!? Di you also get to the second largest shopping mall getting built near thoraipakkam? Well you can miss it if you are on the car! You were so focusing on the roads!

So next time! Take the Public Transit!

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