The streets of Parrys, Chennai aka Georgetown

Map of various famous streets in Parrys

Linghi Chetty Street

Linghi Chetty Street is famous for Steel hardware, electric motors and pump sets. Most of the shops in the rest fo Chennai source their products from this street. If you have your plumber do some work at your place, this sure is the street you need to go to.

Thambu Chetty Street

Thambu chetty street is the street right next to Linghi Chetty street and parallel to it. It is famous for hardware, ceramic tiles and sanitary ware. You wouldn’t believe the huge discounts you get on branded sanitary ware compared to other parts of the city.


Anderson Street

If your looking for paper products this is the street ,you get all paper related products like paper board , printing papers,diaries,notebook binding and manufactures etc This street also famous for PP cover’s of all size and wedding cards etc.You can get stationary products to.


The main Broadway road also called as the Prakasam Road is famous for Cycles, optical goods, Machine tools ,weighing Machines ,Construction Uniforms ,firefighting equipment’s.

Mannadi Street

The main Mannadi street is famous for all types of textiles both Indian and Imported. The fabrics available here are the best and are of the lowest cost.

Angappa Naicken Street

Angappa Naicken street, just like the mannadi street is famous for textiles and also eateries. You can find people buzzing this street all along the day for this reason.

Moore Street

The moore street has served as the street for cereals and pulses for both wholesale and retail business. The street has history of more than 400 years. Some of the buildings still serve as hotels and lodges.

Sembudoss Street

The sembudoss street serves as a sales point for Iron & Steel sheets and rods, pipes of various shapes, sizes and requirement. Right from nuts and bolts to sheets and reinforcement bars for house construction, you can find anything and everything made of Iron and Steel.

Godown Street

The famous Godown street has served as the hub of textiles for many decades now. It serves as the foremost location for school uniforms. Some of these shops have been providing uniforms to Schools for generations. In fact they are more right about the shade of the School uniform if you just tell them the school and the class of study.

Govindappa Naicken Street

The Govindappa Naicken street just like many streets in Parrys is home to both Electrical Goods and many famous eateries and Dry Fruit Sellers. It would be a good idea to taste  Aggarwal Bhavan’s famous delicacies like samosa ,bhasundi,and rasmalai.

Nainiappa Naicken Street

The Nainiappa Naicken Street is famous for Chemicals and Surgical equipment. It serves the more business customers like hospitals and dispensaries due to the nature of the product. Some of these shops also do retail sales. Wheel Chairs, surgical equipment, home care instruments etc.. are available at good prices.

Coral Merchant Street

The Coral merchant street is home to many companies that deal with transport and shipping. The vantage point is due to the proximity to the Chennai Port Trust. The street is also home to many Courier and Forwarding agencies.

Evening Bazaar

The evening bazaar is famous for Household appliances, domestic utensils and other products for the hotel industry. You would get a good bargain for some household cutlery if you spend some time in this street.

Kasi Chetty Street

The famous kasi chetty street is famous for Stationary and Gift articles mostly made of plastic.

Bunder Street

The famous bunder street is home to books printers for time immemorial. Many of the books used by Chennai students are sure to have been printed by manunufacturers locates in this streets. The street also has other items like stationery, crackers, artificial flowers ,political flags, posters, artificial decoration items etc…

Badrian Street

The badrian street is famous for Crackers and Flowers. During festival seasons like Diwali and Christmas these streets are bound to be crowded.

Devaraja Mudali Street

This Devaraja mudali street is famous for Glassware & Photo framing , hardwares, Colours , Dyes and chemicals.

Mint Street

Mint street is famous for salwars, designer sarees, steel products, jewelry shops, Jain temples, eateries and chat shops.

Perumal Mudali Street

Perumal mudali street is famous for artistic bangles, glass bangles, plastic bangles and all types of varieties of bangles

Mooker Nalla muthu street or Yerra balu chetty street

Head to these street if you need Plumbing items, hardwares like Motors, Pumps, Tubes etc (for Stainless steel tubes)

Anna Pillai Street

Anna Pillai street is famous for spices and pooja items like Haldi(Turmeric), Kumkum, Champor, Betal Nut etc in wholesale. Some shops do stock products for retails sales.

Stringers Street

This street is famous for footwear for both bulk and retail customers. Only condition is that the prices are fixed and No bargain is too appreciated. But what’s lost in trying anyway!

Burma Bazaar

The famous Grey market for electronic goods, cameras, luggage, perfumes and accessories. Its fame has seen it being shown in many tamil movies.

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