Best PMP Certification Training in Chennai

Well I was just another employee in my Company.

PMP ® made me stand out!

PMP Training Chennai
PMP Training Chennai (Information You need to Know before choosing your Institute)

What is PMP exam ?

Project Management Professional (PMP) ® is a globally recognized certificate for Project Managers.

Offered by Project Management Institute the certificate helps professionals demonstrate a mix of both knowledge and experience in terms of project management.

The Certification Exam is conducted by PMI, USA. The Local Test Center for the Online Live Exam in Chennai is Prometric, T-Nagar.

PMP Exam syllabus includes the exam taker to be familiar with PMBOK 10 Knowledge Areas and 5 Phases. The questions are random. But, on this article we will cover few tips that can help you crack the exam like a breeze (for FREE)!

Why get PMP Certified?

The Project Management Professional (PMP)® is the most important industry-recognized certification for project managers. Across the world there are only 700,000 PMP Certified Professionals!

International accreditation helps professionals is getting Overseas jobs especially North American US IT Jobs!

A Fresher cannot get PMP Certified! It requires 2 years of demonstrated lead or managerial experience to even apply for the exam. Hence, Real-world Leadership of certified Professional is established to the business enterprises.

The PMP also increases your earning potential. PMP certification holders earn 20 percent more than their non-certified peers according to Earning Power: Project Management Salary Survey, Ninth Edition.

The PMP signifies that you speak and understand the global language of project management and connects you to a community of professionals, organizations and experts worldwide.

PMP training cost in Chennai

PMP certification fees include two components.

  1. The Fees Charged by the Training Institute
  2. The PMP Exam Fee

PMP training courses in Chennai range anywhere between 10,000 INR to 25,000 INR depending on the institute you decide to choose.

Some institutes have a “Guaranteed Pass’ course where they pay for all subsequent exam fees with PMI until to clear the exam, in-case you don’t clear in first attempt.

But the catch is that you are expected to clear their exam by 70% mark, which is generally not possible considering the vagueness. So this concept of Unlimited Training normally doesn’t amount to what you think it is!

Our suggestion would be to do a basic 4 day course to earn you the 35 PDU’s. Attend the course after reading material that you can buy in Amazon. That way you get better focused in the classes. Otherwise, the 4 day course finishes before you realize it!

The PMP Exam Fee to be paid to PMI which at the time of writing this article is USD 555 for non members and USD 435 for members.

Overview of the PMP EXAM and PMP Questions

The PMP Exam has 200 multiple choice questions of which 25 are dummy pre-test questions (random which the exam taker will not be aware).

The time taken to complete the test is 4 Hours. It takes 61% do pass the test.

In terms of Exam Content the questions will be on topic of 5 project phases and 10 knowledge areas of PMOK Guide. The question share be me more on Planning, Executive and Monitoring/Controlling Phases!

PMP Exam Chennai: Question Share
PMP Exam Question Share. Percentage of 200 Questions

See PMP Syllabus Chart of Index Contents to get a rough overview of the what each phase will cover.

The question will never be direct. Hence, mugging up will NOT work. All questions are conceptual, so it is important to Understand and study the PMBOK Concepts.

A Exam Taker will have four kinds of pmp questions during his session:

  1. Situational Questions
  2. Formula Based Computation
  3. Interpretation Questions
  4. Knowledge testing Case-studies Questions

Best PMP Certification Training

The formal training in an institute will give the exam taker 40 PDU’s!

The training will be provided over four days (Two Weekend Classes). Timing will usually be 9 a.m to 5 p.m, regardless of the training institute. There are very few institutes will offer week day classes.

We have rated PMP Training Courses offered by various academies and institutes in Chennai. We have shortlisted these institutes based on the following parameters:

  • Course Content
  • PMP Certification in First Attempt
  • Cracking PMP in first or second attempt
  • Student Feedback
  • Job Placement Record
  • Faculty Profile
  • Years in the Training Business
  • Course Fee
  • Industry Feedback
  • Feedback on Social Media

Important: Realize that when rating, make you own judgement. Like everything, its Trainers over Institutions. So before enrolling, ask to meet the trainer and form your own opinion. Ask for sitting in a sample class if possible.

MSME – Chennai

One of the best places to get formal PMP Training in Chennai.

Why? Simple!

Because one will get the right value for money!

MSME partners will Skill India funded training centers and professionals to offer coursework at the most affordable price! While private institutes might offer the course at 21,00 INR, MSME scheduled training programs offer the same coursework at 14,000 INR.

The MSME training will offer:

  1. Certificate of Completion
  2. 40 PDU’s Certificate
  3. Lunch/Snacks during the two day training program
  4. Post training support.

Check the MSME Website and drop-down your best appropriate tab menu to get the traning schedule, place and recent cost!

IIPM Chennai

This program covers the Five Process Group areas across all the Knowledge Areas of the New Project Management Body of Knowledge 5th Edition (PMBOK)® Guide viz., Initiating, Planning, Executing, Controlling, Closing. Knowledge learned in this program can lead to Project Management Professional (PMP)®   certification from the Project Management Institute(PMI). Join the world’s most successful companies that have benefited by making their Managers, Engineers, Project Managers proud PMPs.

Address: International Institute of Project Management (IIPM)
Suites # 201, 203, 205 & 206,
Kassim Plaza, #19, Dhandapani Street
T. Nagar, Chennai – 600 017.
Tamilnadu, India.
Phone : 00-91-44-42128010 /42071124/42641401/2435 9078
Fax : 00-91-44-2435 9078
E-mail :

Contact Person : Ms. Sridevi:   00-91-94452 32628, Ms. Bruntha: 00-91-97913 03664

Training in Tambaram

Training in Tambaram provides 100% real-time, practical and placement focused PMP training in Chennai.

In Weekdays (Monday – Friday) – 06:30 AM to 10:00 PM
In Weekends (Saturday & Sunday) – 06:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Training in Tambaram Contact Numbers & Emails

Contact through Mobile – +91 – 996 250 4283
Contact through Email ID – trainingintambaram[at]

PMP Exam Tips

First, Beware of people who make the exam look too scary!

Because it is not!

We assume the perception of exam being tough is given to the justify one’s intellectual supremacy or the cost.

Second, appear for the Exam as soon as your training is over. It should ideally be within two months of your training coursework!

Most people who attend training do not give the exam, because they are ill prepared for the training itself. So read some book from Amazon or Flipkart before you attend training. Don’t read PMBOK (It is like an Oracle manual – no pictures, too verbose, and unable to give context to most managers)

Third, Self-Study. There is no short-cut to hard work.

No matter how well your training went, it is impossible to clear the exam if you did not prepare for it! It could be fatal to just trust the trainer too…

Most of the training institutes in Chennai do not have full time faculty and hire weekend experts from the IT industry mostly who have cleared already. So don’t assume that the quality of delivery in a particular institute will be consistent. Ask to meet the trainer who will handle your batch in particular and form an independent opinion.

We recommend using a combination of the official PMBOK Guide and Clearing PMP in the First Try to self- study.

Finally, Never waste time mugging up facts or information. It is not going to help! It is important one takes time to understand PMBOK Contents, for all questions will be application oriented!

PMP Certification Course Must Haves

  • Course material aligned with PMBOK® latest edition.
  • Additional material: PMP® mock Quizzes consisting of Questions with answers (to be discussed & analyzed in the class)
  • Unlimited Access to Online Mock Tests
  • 35 contact hours PDU certificate
  • Email and Telephone support
  • Admin support to fill the PMP® application
  • Assistance to face the PMP® application audit process

PMP Training Course Syllabus

The following would be the Index of Contents that PMBOK Content will cover:

Introduction to PMP certification Prep Course

  • Introduction
  • Agenda
  • What is PMP and PMI
  • Pre-requisite for PMP Exam
  • About the PMP Exam
  • PMP Exam Syllabus
  • About Simplilearn PMP Preparation Tutorial

Project Management Framework

  • Introduction
  • Agenda
  • Definition of a Project
  • What is Project Management
  • What is Program Management
  • What is Portfolio Management
  • Project Management Office (PMO)
  • The Triple Constraints
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Organization Structure
  • Project Life Cycle vs. Product Life Cycle

Project Management Process

  • Introduction
  • Agenda
  • Project Life Cycle vs Project Management Process
  • The Five Project Management Process Groups
  • Process Groups, Knowledge Areas and Project Management process Mapping
  • What happens in Each Process Groups

Project Integration Management

  • Introduction
  • Agenda
  • What is Project Integration Management
  • The Key role of Project Manager, Project Team and Project Sponsor
  • Project Selection Methods
  • The Integration Management Knowledge Area
  • Develop Project Charter
  • Develop Project Management Plan
  • Direct and Manage Project Execution
  • Monitor & Control Project work
  • Perform Integrated Change Control
  • Close Project or Phase

Project Scope Management

  • Introduction
  • Agenda
  • What is Project Scope Management
  • Product Scope vs. Project Scope
  • The Key terms in Project Scope Management
  • The Project Scope Management Processes
  • Collect Requirements
  • Define Scope
  • Create WBS
  • Verify Scope
  • Control Scope

Project Time Management

  • Introduction
  • Agenda
  • What is Project Time Management
  • What is Project Schedule
  • The Key terms in Project Time Management
  • The Project Time Management Processes
  • Define Activities
  • Sequence Activities
  • Estimate Activity Resources
  • Estimate Activity Durations
  • Develop Schedule
  • Control Schedule
  • Schedule Network Analysis Techniques

Project Cost Management

  • Introduction
  • Agenda
  • What is Project Cost Management
  • Difference Between Cost Estimating and Cost Budgeting
  • Control Account
  • The Project Cost Management Processes
  • Estimate Costs
  • Determine Budget
  • Control Costs
  • Earned Value Management
  • Project Selection Methods

Project Quality Management

  • Introduction
  • Agenda
  • What is Quality Management?
  • Cost of Quality
  • The Project Quality Management Processes
  • Plan Quality
  • Perform Quality Assurance
  • Perform Quality Control
  • Seven Basic tools of Quality
  • Introduction to Six Sigma

Project Human Resource Management

  • Introduction
  • Agenda
  • What is Human Resource Management
  • Roles and Responsibilities of the Project Sponsor
  • Functional Manager vs. Project Manager
  • The Project Human Resource Management Processes
  • Develop Human Resource Plan
  • Acquire Project Team
  • Develop Project Team
  • Manage Project Team
  • Conflict Management
  • Powers of Project Manager
  • Motivation Theory

Project Communication Management

  • Introduction
  • Agenda
  • What is Communication
  • Communication Methods, Technology and Channels
  • Basic Communication Model
  • The Communication Management Knowledge Area
  • Identify Stakeholders
  • Plan Communications
  • Distribute Information
  • Manage Stakeholder Expectations
  • Report Performance

Project Risk Management

  • Introduction
  • Agenda
  • What is Risk
  • How is risk calculated
  • Risk Categorization
  • Decision Tree
  • Risk Reserve
  • The Risk Management Knowledge Area
  • Plan Risk Management
  • Identify Risk
  • Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
  • Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
  • Plan Risk Responses

Project Procurement Management

  • Introduction
  • Agenda
  • What is a Contract
  • Centralized vs. Decentralized contracting
  • Different Types of Contract
  • Key terms in Procurement Management
  • The Procurement Management Knowledge Area
  • Plan Procurements
  • Conduct Procurements
  • Administer Procurements
  • Close Procurements

Professional and Social Responsibility

  • Introduction
  • Agenda
  • Ensure Individual Integrity
  • Contribute to Project Management Knowledge Base
  • Enhance self Professional competence
  • Promote Stakeholder collaboration

If you have come this far, it would only mean that your are serious about taking your career to the next level. If you have any further questions, we would love to answer them personally. Direct Message us on Facebook and be assured you will hear from us! – No strings attached.

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