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5 Best Cancer Hospitals in Chennai

Cancer Is Curable!

Our Comprehensive list of Best Cancer Hospitals in Chennai will help you find the doctor who holds the key to you Cure.

In this Article you will Find:

  1. What is Cancer?
  2. What are the types of Cancer?
  3. What are the causes of Cancer?
  4. What are the available Cancer Treatments in Chennai?
  5. 5 Best Cancer Hospitals in Chennai
  6. Free Treatment Options

“One in Ten Indians will develop cancer during their lifetime
, and One in Fifteen will Die out of it” – World Health Organization Reports.


The sedentary lifestyles, Stress, Obesity, and lack of hygiene are making many Indians increasingly prone to cancer.

Cancer has become the second most significant reason for health-related deaths, first being cardiovascular diseases.

Globally, 2018 saw 18.1 new cancer cases and 9.6 million cancer deaths. In India, 1.1 million new cancer cases and 0.78 cancer deaths were registered with N.C.D.I.R. (The Apex Cancer Research Wing of I.C.M.R.). Of the various types of Cancers, Lung Cancer and Breast Cancer saw maximum incidences registered with N.C.D.I.R.

Chennai Cancer incidences saw a rise in Child-related blood cancers, stomach cancers, and Breast Cancer among women.

Chennai is also known for having the best-in-class treatment facilities for cancer recovery and treatment. Thanks to Noble selfless efforts of Adyar Cancer Institute (WIA), since 1954.

Before we get to give you in-depth details of the best cancer institutes of Chennai, it is vital to understand some basics about cancer. Not all cancers lead to death. Timely intervention, medication, and lifestyle changes can heal cancers. Here are a few things you need to know.

What is Cancer? 

Our human body is nothing but a group of Cells. From birth to death, we regenerate cells – old cells die, and new cells emerge.

But, in some instances, the old cells do not die. Instead, they grow out of proportion to form a group of abnormal cells, usually a mass of tissue called tumors, which hinder the body’s metabolism and normal functioning.

What are the Types of Cancer?

There are five types of cancer:

  1. Carcinomas (Skin or internal lining of organs)
  2. Sarcomas (Bones, Organs, Cartilage, Muscle, and tissues)
  3. Leukemia (Blood and Bone Marrow) 
  4. Lymphomas (Body’s Immunity)
  5. Nervous (Brain and Spinal Cord)

What Causes Cancer?

Although a reasonable amount of cancer cases highlight lifestyle characteristics as one of the causative factors, it is essential to note that there are also reasons beyond our human habits that can trigger abnormal growth of cells.

In our previous article, we covered how Mobile Phone Towers generate waves that could trigger cancerous growth. 

Overall the causes of cancer can be generalized as:

  1. Smoking/Drinking
  2. Diet (Too much outside food, Too much Non.Veg or unclean home food)
  3. Lack of Physical Activity and Cardiovascular Aerobic Exercises. 
  4. Chemical Exposure (Chemical Affluents in water, dish wash bars or detergents)
  5. Radiation (Yes, we talked about Mobile Phone Towers. But even overexposure to Sun’s Radiation can trigger cancer)
  6. Virus and other infection
  7. Genetic? (We are not sure of this, but some studies say genes do play a role in causing cancers).

What are available Cancer Treatments in Chennai? 

Chennai hospitals are currently providing three treatment options to remove cancer:

  1. Surgical Removal (Laparoscopy, Laser, Cryoscopy, Endoscopy, and Mohs)
  2. Chemotherapy (Standard, Traditional, Cytotoxic) 
  3. Radiation (3d-CRT, I.M.R.T., Proton Beam, I.G.R.T. and Internal Radiation) 

Treatment options are recommended based on the size of cancer tumor (T), location of the cancer Noe (N), and internal spread called Metastasis (M). 

Cancer Treatment Options in Chennai also largely depends on the stage of cancer. 

Stage 0: The tumor begins its growth, is located right to its place of genesis, and has not spread into other tissues are treated with Surgical removal.

Stage 1: Relatively small Tumors have not deeply spread into its nearby tissues are also treated with surgery. Sometimes, Radiation Therapy is also recommended. 

Stage 2 & 3: Medium to large size tumors that have spread to nearby tissues or lymph nodes are treated with Radiation Therapy and Chemotherapy. Sometimes a surgery after active Chemotherapy is also provided to patients who have chances of re-staging.   

Stage 4: Large size tumors that have spread to nearby tissues or lymph nodes and also other ORGANS in the body are treated with advanced combinations of treatments. 

List of all Cancer Hospitals in Chennai

There have been many cancer treatment centers emerging in the city. However, as per the official I.C.M.R. Registry of 2013, the following hospitals are recognized as official treatment centers.

Data Source: Cancer Statistics Report, ICMR and WIA (2013)

We rely on officially Nationally Accredited I.C.M.R. Approved Cancer Treatment Centers in the above comprehensive list.

Best Cancer Hospital in Chennai

Hospital NameGoodBadAverage Cost
Cancer Institute AdayarNationally Most Trusted Center for Cancer CureVery bad Service & Hospitality3 - 8 Lakhs
(Free Treatment Available)
Nominal Cost
60% Free Treatment via Eligible State Funded Scheme
Appolo Cancer Hospital
Great Service & HospitalitySuper Expensive!
10- 40 Lakhs
89% Cure rate with Proton Therapy
MIOT Cancer Care
Best in Blood and Bone Cancer Treatments,Price is on the higher side
8 -20 Lakhs
Holistic Treatments (After-Care Therapies notably are very good )
Government Hospital (Royapeth and Wallajah Super-Speciality Hospitals)
Best Instrument, Medicines and Diagnosis. Doctors are good
(Treating Extensive Masses requires Extensive Hands-on)!
Very bad Service & Hospitality2.5 to 10 Lakhs
(Free Treatment Available)
Cost is very Affordable and Free Treatment Options via Eligible State Funded Schemes

As a rule of thumb, the best hospital and medical care (not just for cancer but any other incidences as well) are provided by institutions that have a service mindset.

It indeed shows if a hospital is only run for a commercial motive or service mindset. It is also essential to check the reputation of the doctor who is handling your case.

Run a complete background check of your Doctor’s Graduation Credentials. We usually recommend doctors who have graduated from Government Medical Colleges, A.I.I.M.S., C.M.C., J.I.P.M.E.R., and other universities where admissions are reputed to be largely based on student merit.

We genuinely do not recommend doctors from private medical college graduates, Nepal, Russia Degrees, for many such graduates are rich kids who got their medical degrees using payment quota for treatments.

Doctors who earned their degrees through Merit and have practiced a few years between their M.B.B.S. and M.D. are usually well-versed with their treatment skills. This is a quick tip to short-list your doctor – Check the college from which the doctor Graduated.

While we have put together a comprehensive list of best hospitals to treat cancer in Chennai, based on personal feedback of cancer survivors, we also ask you to apply your prejudice and further decide.

Number 1: Adyar Cancer Institute AKA WIA

Adayar Cancer Institute Review:

One of the oldest Cancer Treatments Centers in the Country, Adayar    

Cancer Institute is one of the best Hospitals for treatment. In terms of research and progression of Cancer Cure, WIA has craved out being a specialized center for Curing Cancer – Not just Chennai, but India as a whole.

More than half the share of cancer patients in Chennai are treated solely by the hospital’s doctors. 

However, over the recent years, due to the sheer volume of patients admitted and lack of hospital manpower has put the service facilities on the back burner.

Previously, the hospital catered to 100 – 150 cases month-on-month. But, in 2018 and 2019, 100 to 150 cases every day are catered with the same available manpower staff. One can expect rudeness from nurses and hospitality staff.

Facilities like indoor hygiene and rooms are mediocre. Scanning and Testing are repeated multiple times, and some reported errors in scans reports as well. Overall the staff does not communicate to patient’s attender queries in-depth, and recent experience of many out-patients has been bad.

However, in terms of cure and disease treatment, the doctors of the Adyar Cancer Institute are genuinely specialized in Cancer treatments. The service vision to cure cancer for a nominal cost is obvious. 

Adayar Cancer Institute Cost: 

The average cost of cancer treatment in the Adayar Cancer Institute cost anywhere between 3 Lakhs to 8 Lakhs. The cost varies depending on the stage and location of tumors. 

Adayar Cancer Institute Free Treatment:

One can avail Free treatment at Adayar Cancer Institute with the use of Chief Minister Kapitu Thittam. Medicine, Treatments, and Consultation charges will all be charged to the government and not the patient. 

Adayar Cancer Institute (WIA) has reserved 60% of its hospital in-patient service infrastructure, like Bed, medicines, and surgery towards state-funded free treatment cancer patients. 

Adayar Cancer Doctors List:

The following doctors have been well-renowned for their work at WIA.

  1. Dr. Sagar T G, (M.D, D.M)
  2. Dr. Vasantham A (M.D, D.M)
  3. Dr. Ramanaiah (M.D, D.M)
  4. Dr. Priya Iyer (M.D, D.M)

Number 2: Apollo Cancer Hospital Taramani

Quick Review: The Best in terms of Service facilities and Proton Therapy but bad in Cost.  

Apollo Cancer Hospital Chennai Review:

Appolo holds Number 2 Position, in terms of Cancer Cure.

Apollo Cancer Hospital is expensive. But, what one pays for is the 5-star level ambiance, behaviorally well-trained hospital admin staff, State-of-art facility, and finally, senior doctors and therapists. The Instruments are of highly precision and good. 

There is one reason the Apollo is good, compared to all the other cancer treatment hospitals in Chennai. That is Proton Therapy.

Previously cancer patients who could afford traveled outside India to undergo photon therapy. But, in Chennai, Apollo has this treatment option in its new Taramani facility. With Photon Therapy, the disease-free survival rate is 89%.

Apollo Cancer Hospital is one of the 16th world countries to make Proton Therapy available to cancer patients. 

Appolo Cancer Hospital Cost:  

The average cost of cancer treatment in the Adayar Cancer Institute cost anywhere between 10 Lakhs to 30 Lakhs. The cost varies depending on the stage and location of tumors. 

Apollo Proton Therapy Cost:

The Cost of the single session of proton therapy is 20 Lakhs. 

Appolo Cancer Hospital Doctors List:

The following doctors have been well-renowned for their work at WIA.

  1. Dr. Aasim Anees Hussain (M.S., F.MAS., D.MAS., FIAGES.,)
  2. Dr. Abdul Ghafur (MD(Med), MRCP(UK), FRCPATH(UK))
  3. Dr. Ajit Pai (MBBS, MS (General Surgery), M.Ch.,(Surgical Oncology), MRCS, FACS)
  4. Dr. Antony Aravind (MB, FRCSI, FRCS(LONDON))

MIOT Cancer Hospital Chennai

MIOT Is at Number 3 Position.

MIOT Cancer Hospital Review:  

MIOT is one of the top 5 hospitals in Chennai for cancer treatment. Before Appolo Proton Center could open its premises in Taramani, MIOT had scaled it’s curative care treatments in the field of oncology is a robust manner.

From 2012 until the end of 2018, MIOT was Chennai Second Best Cancer Institute in Chennai. 2019 they lost their spot to Apollo Cancer Hospital.

However, the hospital has still retained its name in treating Bone Marrow Transplants and Blood Cancers. MIOT has a more wholesome service offering in terms of its cancer treatment packages. 

The packages usually include diagnosis, Surgery, Chemo/radiation treatment, rooms, and as lauded by many international long-stay patients, the diet prescribed food during the entire period of stay.

The post-treatment nuances like emotional therapy, physiotherapy, and counseling follow-ups do seem to differentiate MIOT Cancer Treatment services.

MIOT Cancer Treatment Cost:  

The Cost of cancer treatment in MIOT Hospital Chennai on an average between 8 Lacs to 20 Lacs. 

MIOT Oncology Doctors List  

  1. Dr. Senthil Kumar (M.B.B.S, M.S, M.Ch. FMAS)
  2. Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim MRCS, DNB (Surgical Oncology) – Consulting
  3. Dr. Balaji R (MBBS, MS – General Surgery, MC)


HCG is number 4. Actually, both HCG and Tata Memorial Trust are at Number 4!

HCG Cancer Center has transformed the Chennai Cancer cure from 2012. Unlike many multi-specialty hospitals that have grown to build a center of excellence in each disease, HCG has maintained its specialization in just one thing – CANCER.

Their Hospitals boast of higher cancer cure rates, and survivor stories from this hospital are just too overwhelming to listen to.

HCG is a cancer center organization working within the premises of Kauvery Hospital in Chennai. The HCG, as an independent organization, has over 475 oncology experts with them.

HCG cancer treatment cost: 

The treatment cost for cancers in HCG cost anywhere between 4 Lacs to 20 Lacs.

HCG Cancer Center Chennai doctors list:

  1. Dr. Rajni Gupta MBBS, DNB(RT), DMRT
  2. Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim DNB (GEN. SURG), DNB (SUR. ONCOLOGY), FMAS, MRCSED (UK), MS (GEN. SURG) – Consulting
  3. Dr. Anita Ramesh MBBS, DM, M.SC, MNAMS, MBA

Tata Memorial Hospital Chennai Cancer Cure:

 Tata Memorial Hospital is trusted as one of the best Cancer Cure Hospitals in India.

In Chennai, they have two centers. One in Adayar Cancer Institute and another in Cancer Research and Relief Trust, Kilpauk

Tata Memorial Hospital Chennai Cancer treatment Cost:

The cost of cancer treatments in Tata Memorial Trust ranges anywhere between 2.5 lacs to 10 lacs.

Tata Memorial Hospital Chennai Cancer Doctor List:

We could not gather much information from the venue regarding the same.

Chennai Government Hospital for Cancer Cure

Tamil Nadu Government Hospitals in Chennai are at Number 5!

We like to give it Number One – in terms of it’s Cost, Imported Instruments, Subsidized Medicines and Doctors Expertise. But the hygiene and service aspects are too bad….. Hence, Number 5.

Though not one the best, the Chennai Government hospital is not anyway underrated when it’s come to doing it’s best for those who come here.

Patient add-on services like hospitality, customer service, waiting times, and behaviors are bad in Chennai Government Hospitals.

But, the Doctors, instruments, Medicines, and everything related to the actual treatment of cancer disease is really good and affordable. The State-funded hospital has good doctors who have been successful in treating the masses by curing cancer.

Both at Government Hospital in Royapeth and state of the art Multi-Super Specialty Center at Wallajah Road are seeing many from across Tamil Nadu flock for cancer treatments here.

The Government Multi Super-Specialty Hospital has over 400 beds and 14 Operation Theaters, exclusively for Cancer Treatments.

One of the best Treatment options in Tamil Nadu government hospital is the Subsidized Medicines and Imported Diagnostic Instruments.

Chennai Government Hospital for Cancer treatment cost:

The Cost Cancer treatment in Chennai Government Hospitals, both Royapeth and Wallajah Road, is very very nominal. It costs less than 4 Lacs.

Free Cancer treatment in Chennai:

Chief Minister Kapitu Thittam kapitu thittamis a savior for many poor cancer patients. The Health Insurance card allows cancer patients to avail FREE Treatments for a longer period of time in Government Hospitals.

How to Apply for Chief Minister Kapitu Thittam

Time needed: 2 days.

How to Apply for Chief Minister Kapitu Thittam

  1. Download Application Form

    Head on to the website (Click on the link) and download ” Application form for New Health Insurance Scheme”

  2. Prepare Documents Set

    Duly Complete all the details on the Application Form and prepare the documents set.
    Document Set will have:
    1. Application Form
    2. Family Ration Card
    3. Aadhar Card
    4. 2 Passport Photographs

  3. Submit Documents

    Go to your designated or nearby Collector Office and meet the designated officer in-charge of the Chief Minister Kapitu Thittam.

  4. Collector Office On-Premise Verification

    The Officer In-charge will perform a short verification of your application, credentials, eligibility and a live photo of you will be taken.

  5. Temporary Insurance Document

    The same day the collector’s office will provide you with a auto-generated Health Insurance Number and a Temporary A4 document of the Health Insurance Form

  6. Permanent Health Insurance Card

    You will receive a Permanent Health Insurance Smart Card within 3-4 months of your application. The Collector Officer will call you on your Phone Number (as submitted in the documents) for all updates.

The card can also be used at all the private hospitals to avail subsidies and fee waivers.

Apart from the hospitals listed above, CMC Vellore and Tata Memorial Trust (Other Pan India Location) are leading epicenters in terms of Cancer Cure. We recommend that you inquire about all the options available to you. This would help you choose the best cancer hospitals in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.  

In this article, we have listed these hospitals based on on-premise patient surveys.

However, your views and comments are welcome.It will greatly help us be even more precise about rating the Best Cancer Hospitals in Chennai.

You Inputs Matter!

Do write to us contact@spiritofchennai.com or comment on Facebook.