Pon Manickavel

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The movie is expected to release in the Diwali / Deepawali weekend of 2019. The movie is the 50th film of Prabhu Deva and the music is composed by D Immam.  The movie is based on real life incidents in the life of the famous IPS Officer Mr Pon Manickavel IPS. The movie is directed by AC Mugil.

Movie Cast

Prabhu Deva as Pon Manickavel IPS, Nivetha Pethurai, Suresh Chandra Menon, J. Mahendran, Soori, Prabhakar.


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Movie Review

Since the movie is based on the life of famed Idol Wing IPS Officer Pon Manickavel, it goes without saying that the movie is expected to pack a punch of action. However the famous trademark mustache of real life IPS officer is not to be seen by the character donning him.

Movie Trailer

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