Chennai Traffic Park

The Chief Minister Thiru Edappadi Palaniswami today launched the Traffic Park created by Greater Chennai Corporation along with Chennai Smart City Limited at a cost of Rs 2.07 Crores.

This project was done as apart of a Public Private Partnership (PPP) with Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (P) Ltd.


About the Project

The Traffic park is built between Napier Bridge and Anna Square measuring 4140 sqm (about 40000 sq.ft) coming in zone 9 of Greater Chennai Corporation. It is mainly aimed at giving a better opportunity for the children to know all about rules of roads and safe driving. In this connection, GCC appointed consultant M/S Rahuram Landscapes has prepared the Detailed Project Report.

Project Initiation

To educate the children, who are going to be the future leaders, road safety education in a practical way, inculcate the practice of obeying the rules of roads, the importance of traffic signals and how to follow them, create traffic awareness to transform the children future best drivers. It will be Technically supported by Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. Apart from a mini traffic track with all signals and traffic signs, the park has a conference hall with LED projectors, traffic simulator, watch tower, mini amphi-theatre and a hall to conduct awareness classes.

Components of the Chennai Traffic Park

  1. Providing entrance arch for the traffic park
  2. Providing compound wall and gate
  3. Parks with indigenous plants
  4. Providing walking track
  5. Providing jagging track
  6. Constructing viewing gallery
  7. Providing traffic signals along the roads provided inside
  8. Providing traffic signals
  9. Creating children play area
  10. Providing street furniture for the visitors to sit a while
  11. Providing lighting with LED bulbs

Key benefits of the Traffic Park

  1. The children and youngsters will come to know about traffic rules.
  2. They will be trained to drive safely
  3. Clean environment for the children to play
  4. Planting of variety of native trees, which will help in absorbing harmful gasses.
  5. The entry gate is dedicated to the pedestrian traffic
  6. The peripheral walkway forms a loop and links all the activity
  7. The play equipment provided will be of high standard

Project cost

The total cost of establishing one Traffic park Near Napier bridge in a land belonging to Greater Chennai corporation is Rs. 2.07 crores.

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