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Electric Bus in Chennai

Electric Bus in MTC, Transport Department

The Department of Transport, Government of Tamilnadu is working in close partnership with C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, who are advising on building a robust roadmap for electric bus mobility in the state. The Government of Tamilnadu is also the first Indian city/entity to be a signatory to the C40 Clean Bus Declaration, which commits to a low emission bus fleet.

The Department of Environment & Forest, Government of Tamilnadu was among the first in the country to create an Action Plan on Climate Change. The Tamilnadu State Action Plan on Climate Change (TNAPCC) is a cross-institutional framework addressing Sustainable Agriculture, Water Resources, Forest & Biodiversity, Coastal Area Management, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy and Solar Mission, Sustainable Habitat and Knowledge Management.

The TNAPCC lays significant stress on electric mobility to reduce emissions.

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The Department of Transport & Finance – Government of Tamilnadu are closely working for the funding of 2000 electric buses in the state. This is in addition to the 8000 BS VI emission buses that will be replaced as part of this plan. This will be rolled out in phases over the next 4 financial years. At the moment, a rollout of 2000 electric buses in urban operations will effectively make Tamilnadu one of the largest electric bus implementations outside China.

The Department of Transport, Government of India is also working with the National Government to secure funding for 70 electric buses under the Faster Adoption and Manufacture of (Hybrid and) Electric Vehicles (FAME) scheme.

The Department of Transport, Government of Tamilnadu is working to secure funding for 250 buses under the Green Climate Funding via nodal agency NABARD.

The Government Of Tamilnadu has been one of the first states to understand the need to provide an impetus to Electric Cars and 2 Wheelers by providing 50% off on the registration tax on battery operated vehicles.