Command & Control Center

Integrated Command and Control Center in Chennai

Year of Tender Award: 2018 / Year of GoLive: Oct 2019 (tbc)
Responsible Agency: Greater Chennai Corporation, Chennai Smart City Limited is active collaboration with the Traffic Police (Greater Chennai)
Budget: Rs 160 Crores
About the Project: Chennai Smart City Limited along with Greater Chennai Corporation is currently working on many projects to improve Urban Livability. One among them has been in providing IT-enabled services for citizens and businesses alike. With this motive of integrating the various functionalities of the Greater Chennai Corporation, it has been envisaged to set up a Command & Control Centre under the Smart Chennai Proposal.

Integrated Command and Control Center Components

The various components of the Integrated Command and Control Center is:

  1. Digital Signage
  2. Integrate Parking Management System into the Command and Control System
  3. Integrated Traffic-cum-Transport Management System (only integration)
  4. Smart Street Light Monitoring
  5. Smart Pole
  6. Environmental Sensors, Public Address System(PAS) and Emergency Call Button (ECB)
  7. Disaster Management System
  8. City Surveillance System
  9. Solid Waste Management System
  10. Data Center & Disaster Recovery
  11. Mobile Command & Control Center
  12. Integrated Command and Control Center (CCC)

Project Timeline & Milestones

May 2018 – Project Tendered

October 2018 – Project Awarded

November 2018 – Implementation in Progress

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