Best CMDA Registered Licensed Engineers Grade 1

The new Tamilnadu Combined Development & Building Rules, 2019 makes it mandatory that all the builders doing any development work to engage Licensed Registered Engineers (RE).

As per new regulation the builders of the following types of buildings have to engage a RE.

  • Non-High Rise buildings with height up to 12m.
  • Non-High Rise buildings with height more than 12.0m up to 18.30m Industrial
  • Developments and Institutional Developments other than High Rise Buildings
  • High Rise Buildings
  • Sub divisions
  • Layout Development
Best CMDA Licensed Engineers

Duties of Professionals Engaged in the Project

  1. They shall study and be conversant with the provisions of the Local Acts, Rules and Regulations and standing orders approved by the competent authority.
  2. They shall inform the competent authority of their employment or assignment or resignation for any work within 7 days of such employment or assignment or resignation.
  3. They shall prepare and submit all plans, documents and other details they are required to do so in a neat, clean and legible manner and the papers properly arranged.
  4. They shall submit plans documents and details without any scratches or corrections. Site conditions shall be correctly shown.
  5. They shall personally comply with all queries or requisitions received from the competent authority in connection with the work under their charge promptly, expeditiously and fully at one time. When they do not agree or cannot comply with the requisition or query, they shall state their objection in writing within the time as may be stipulated so that, the competent authority can decide on its merit in the matter.
  6. Any corrections or changes made in the plan or additional documents and details by the professionals to the competent authority shall be in consultation with the owners or developer and shall be with their acceptance or agreement.
  7. They shall clearly indicate on every plan, document or forms in which they sign the details of their designation such as Registered Architect. Registered Engineer, Registered Structural Engineer etc., with registration number and their, full name and address below the signature for identification.
  8. They shall not accept the employment for preparation and submission of plans, documents and supervision of any work if the same is intended or being proposed to be executed or already executed in contravention of provisions of the Act or the Rules including these rules.
  9. The registered person shall provide the information and undertaking for the work undertaken by him in the forms prescribed by the competent authority.
  10. The Owner or Developer shall compulsorily appoint a Construction Engineer for over all constant supervision of construction work on site and such person appointed shall not be allowed to supervise more than one such site at a time.
  11. The Registered Architect or Registered Engineer and the structural engineer shall be responsible for adhering to the provisions of the relevant and prevailing Indian Standard Specifications including the National Building Code. However, they will not be held responsible for the severe damage or collapse that may occur under any natural force going beyond their design courses provided in the above-said Standards or National Building Code.
  12. The Registered Architect or Engineer is solely responsible for obtaining the certificate required under this rule from the registered professionals.
  13. In the event of any deviations, the Registered Architect or Engineer is solely responsible to bring it to the notice of the competent authority.

Note: Specific additional Duties and Responsibilities of the professionals and the owner or developer are stated in the Annexure – XIII.

On the basis of their academic qualifications and experience, Engineers shall be “Registered” in three “Grades”. The eligibility criteria for registration in each “Grade” and the “Scope of Work” which can be entrusted to the Engineer of each “Grade” are given below.

Grade-I Licensed Engineer

Scope of work: To prepare plans, designs, and drawings for any type of
buildings or developments including High rise buildings and
layout developments;

Eligibility: B. E. Civil or equivalent degree or A.M.I.E. with minimum 10
years experience (after obtaining the degree) in professional work.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • He shall be responsible for making adequate arrangements to ensure not only that the work is executed as per the approved plans but also is in conformity with the stipulations of the NBC for safe and sound construction and smooth functioning of the services provided in the building and for making adequate provisions for services and equipment and protection from fire hazards as per NBC.
  • He shall be responsible to see that the structure serviceable for its intended uses.
  • To inspect the building construction work periodically and maintain such records as cube strength, steel test certificate, etc. as envisaged in NBC. He is responsible for the quality of material and execution.
  • He shall on behalf of the owner obtain and submit the progress certificates, completion report and other details required for occupancy certificate and any other report as required under the rule and obtain the same and keep it ready in the site for inspection by competent authorities.
  • He is solely responsible for obtaining the certificates required under this rule from the registered professionals
  • In the event of any deviations, he is solely responsible to bring it to the notice of the competent authority.
  • In the event of any deviations, he is solely responsible to bring it to the notice of the competent authority.
  • If the services of the registered engineer on the record are terminated, he shall immediately inform the competent authority about his termination and the stage of work at which his services have been terminated. The registered engineer appointed as replacement of the preceding engineer shall inform about his appointment on the job and inform the competent authority of any deviation that might have occurred on the site with reference to the approved plan and the stage at which he is taking over the charge.
  • If there are deviations to an approved plan or unauthorized additional construction, the same has to be intimated immediately.
  • The registered engineer appointed shall inform the competent authority immediately on termination of the services of the registered structural engineer on record, registered construction engineer on record, or any change of owner or registered developer.
  • He shall instruct the concerned person or agency that adequate provisions are made for ensuring the safety of workers and others during excavation, construction, and erection and that the employment of workers is made satisfying the statutory Acts
  • He shall instruct the concerned person or agency that adequate provisions are made for providing safe and adequate temporary structures required for construction and development
  • He should inform in the progress report about satisfactory working conditions for the workers as per the various acts in force and binding on the employers of workers,
  • To provide all certificates and reports as required under this rule.

Current List of Registered Enginners

S.No.Name and AddressEducation QualificationExperience in YearsRegistration Category/GradeAmount (Receipt No. & Date)Registration No.Registration DateValidity date/Expiry dateEmail ID & Contact No
1Thiru R.Senthil kumar 7/3, Third street, Nehru nagar, Adayar, Chennai-20.B.E.,(Civil Engg.)13R.E/GR.I5000/- B009010 12-02-2019R.E/GR.I/19/02/00111-02-201910-02-2024[email protected] 9500037445
2Thiru B.Chandran Plot No.252/254, Ist main road, Kolathur Poompuhar nagar, Chennai-99.B.E.,(Civil Engg.)19R.E/GR.I5000/- B009018 12-02-2019R.E/GR.I/19/02/00212-02-201911-02-2024[email protected] 9444879197
3Thiru T.Prakash A-401, Ishayara Apartments,Vadakkupattu road, Medavakkam, Chennai-100.B.E.,(Civil Engg.)15R.E/GR.I5000/- B009022 13-02-2019R.E/GR.I/19/02/00313-02-201912-02-2024[email protected] 9841427068
4Thiru K.M.Sadanandh Flat D-1, Premier Grahalakshmi Apartment, No.38, 4th seaward road, valmiki nagar, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai-41.B.E.,(Civil Engg.)29R.E/GR.I5000/- B009030 12-02-2019R.E/GR.I/19/02/00413-02-201912-02-2024[email protected] 9445191799
5Thiru R.Chandra Sekaran F1, Lotus Flats, No.12,Kuppusamy street, Palavanthangal, Chennai-114.B.E.,(Civil Engg.)30R.E/GR.I5000/- B009057 14-02-2019R.E/GR.I/19/02/00515-02-201914-02-2024[email protected] 9444992018
6Thiru P.Anand Raju Flat no.2,first floor, D.No. S-113, S-block, 6th main road, Anna nagar, Chennai-40.M.E., (Civil Engg.)19R.E/GR.I5000/- B009081 15-02-2019R.E/GR.I/19/02/00618-02-201917-02-2024[email protected] 9840488820
7Thiru K.Yengals 174,NSK road, E-block, doshi gardens, basement-B, Vadapalani, Chennai-26.B.E.,(Civil Engg.)11R.E/GR.I5000/- B009065 14-02-2019R.E/GR.I/19/02/00718-02-201917-02-2024[email protected] 9790990406
8Thiru Raja.K 31/14,IInd floor,cenotaph road, Ist street, Alwapet, Chennai-18.B.E.,(Civil Engg.)13R.E/GR.I5000/- B009061 14-02-2019R.E/GR.I/19/02/00818-02-201917-02-2024[email protected] 9962508567
9Thiru R.Srinivasan 18/43,Naga flats,Nagathamman koil street, west mambalam, Chennai-33.B.E.,(Civil Engg.)29R.E/GR.I5000/- B009119 18-02-2019R.E/GR.I/19/02/00927-02-201926-02-2024[email protected] 9494379105
10Thiru S.Subra maniam No.14, kannimar villa, Ganga nagar, Jafferkhanpet, Ashok nagar,Chennai- 83.AMIE.,(Civil Engg.) M.S.,32R.E/GR.I5000/- B009137 19-02-2019R.E/GR.I/19/02/01027-02-201926-02-2024[email protected] 9600088988
11Thiru T.Krishnamurthy 18, Fifth cross street, karpagam gardens, Adayar, Chennai-20.B.E.,(Civil Engg.)33R.E/GR.I5000/- B009135 19-02-2019R.E/GR.I/19/02/01127-02-201926-02-2024[email protected] 994014394
12Thiru N.Tamilvanan old No.181, new no.64,Gandhi road, velachery, Chennai-42.M.E., (Structural Engg.)10R.E/GR.I5000/- B009133 19-02-2019R.E/GR.I/19/02/01227-02-201926-02-2024[email protected] 9677044466
13Thiru S.Narayana Moorthy 9/B2, Anmal Satya Apartments, Bharathi Avenue, 2ndStreet, Kottur, Chennai -85B.E.,(Civil Engg.)29R.E/GR.I5000/- B009176 22-02-2019R.E/GR.I/19/02/01327-02-201926-02-2024[email protected]
14Thiru R.Gopalakrishnan No.11/12, Krishnamoorthy street, Gandharoopan nagar, Poonamallee, Chennai-600056.B.E.,(Civil Engg.)28R.E/GR.I5000/- B009268 27-02-2019R.E/GR.I/19/02/01401-03-201929-02-2024[email protected] 7550116706
15Thiru T.Suyambulingam. Plot No.18, 2nd Main Road, Backya lakshmi street, bharath nagar,Madipakkam, Chennai-91M.E., (Structural Engg.)20R.E/GR.I5000/- B009185 22-02-2019R.E/GR.I/19/03/01501-03-201929-02-2024[email protected] 9840216515
16Thiru V.Ezhilarasan. Shop No.19, TNHB Shopping Complex, Thirumangalam, Anna Nagar West.B.E., (Civil Engg.), M.S., (Real Estate Valuation)14R.E/GR.I5000/- B009235 26-02-2019R.E/GR.I/19/03/01601-03-201929-02-2024[email protected] 944401783
17Thiru K.Rathinasamy. W-391/A1, School Road,Anna Nagar West, Chennai-600101.M.E.,(Structural Engg.)30R.E/GR.I5000/- B009236 26-02-2019R.E/GR.I/19/03/01701-03-201929-02-2024[email protected] 9444100510
18Dr P.R.Kannan Rajkumar. No.27, 1st Floor, Maruthapandiyar street, Chitlapakkam, Chennai-600064.M.E, (Civil Engg.) Ph.D.,16R.E/GR.I5000/- B009261 27-02-2019R.E/GR.I/19/03/01801-03-201929-02-2024[email protected] 9500020279
19Thiru V.Malarvannan No.6/24, James 5th street, Poonamalle, Chennai-600056.B.E.,(Civil Engg.)30R.E/GR.I5000/- B009314 28-02-2019R.E/GR.I/19/03/01901-03-201929-02-2024[email protected] 9884034823
20Thiru R.S.Bharath. No.481, East street, mayiladumparai (PU), Aandipatti Taluk, Theni (Dt)-625579M.E.,(Civil Engg.)5R.E/GR.I5000/- B009316 28-02-2019R.E/GR.I/19/03/02001-03-201929-02-2024[email protected] 9840203178
21Thiru G.Ruthraprabhu. No.24-A, kasim Sahib Street, C- Pallavaram, Chennai-600043.B.E.,(Civil Engg.)22R.E/GR.I5000/- B009308 28-02-2019R.E/GR.I/19/03/02104-03-201903-03-2024[email protected] 984102097
22Thiru T.Seeniraj. 1st Floor, Plot No.23, Door No.21,L.K.Ammal st.Rajiv Nagar, Velappanchavadi, Chennai-600077B.E.,(Civil Engg.)20R.E/GR.I5000/- B009199 25-02-2019R.E/GR.I/19/03/02204-03-201903-03-2024[email protected] 9710088999
23Thiru G.T.Sambhandham No.40-B, Thambuswamy Road, Kilpauk, Chennai -10.B.E.,(Civil Engg.)30R.E/GR.I5000/- B009290 28-02-2019R.E/GR.I/19/03/02304-03-201903-03-2024[email protected] 9841056053
24Thiru H.Venkatesh No.1, Madhava Mani Aveune, Velachery Main Road, Chennai -42B.E.,(Civil Engg.)24R.E/GR.I5000/- B009335 01-03-2019R.E/GR.I/19/03/02404-03-201903-03-2024[email protected] 9841737679
25Tmt R.Parimala No.35, Shop No.1, Mahalakshmi Nagar, 3rd Main Road, Adambakkam, Chennai -88B.E.,(Civil Engg.)25R.E/GR.I5000/- B009337 01-03-2019R.E/GR.I/19/03/02504-03-201903-03-2024[email protected] 9840045808
26Thiru N.Mathavan B4, Phase-2, Sir Harshitha Apartments, Lakshmanan Road, Kandanchavadi, Chennai -96B.E.,(Civil Engg.)30R.E/GR.I5000/- B009324 01-03-2019R.E/GR.I/19/03/02604-03-201903-03-2024[email protected] 9841412222
27Thiru K.Paranthaman Sir Kriti Apartments, 20/1, 8th Cross Street, Dhandeeswaram Nagar, Velachery, Chennai -42B.E.,(Civil Engg.)30R.E/GR.I5000/- B009319 01-03-2019R.E/GR.I/19/03/02704-03-201903-03-2024[email protected] 98414122222
28Thiru N.Jayakumar A4, Phase -2, Sri Harshitha Apartments, Lakshmanan Road, Kandanchavadi, Chennai -96B.E.,(Civil Engg.)30R.E/GR.I5000/- B009320 01-03-2019R.E/GR.I/19/03/02804-03-201903-03-2024[email protected] 9841412222
29Thiru S.Joseph Martin 2/19, Annasalai, Gandhi Nagar, Porur, Chennai – 600116.B.E.,(Civil Engg.)10R.E/GR.I5000/- B009340 01-03-2019R.E/GR.I/19/03/02904-03-201903-03-2024[email protected] 9176620678
30Thiru D.Gopalakrishnan No.2, Rajini’s Vedavillas, Damodaran Street, T.Nagar, Chennai -17B.E.,(Civil Engg.)34R.E/GR.I5000/- B009399 04-03-2019R.E/GR.I/19/03/03008-03-201907-03-2024[email protected] 9283786215
31Thiru D.Pari Old No.2, New No.3, Damodaran Street, T.Nagar, Chennai -17B.E.,(Civil Engg.)35R.E/GR.I5000/- B009401 04-03-2019R.E/GR.I/19/03/03108-03-201907-03-2024[email protected] 9840154850
32Thiru ERA.Elango No.3, 3rd Floor, Thandavan Street, Purasawakkam, Chennai -07.B.E.,(Civil Engg.)33R.E/GR.I5000/- B009388 04-03-2019R.E/GR.I/19/03/03208-03-201907-03-2024[email protected] 8883938730
33Thiru V.Manivanan 6/3, Balaji Colony, 2nd Street, Velachery, Chennai -42B.E.,(Civil Engg.)37R.E/GR.I5000/- B009409 04-03-2019R.E/GR.I/19/03/03308-03-201907-03-2024[email protected] 9444915440
34Thiru P.V.Dilipraj New No.10, Govindasamy Street, Kattabomman Block Jafferkhanpet, Chennai -83B.E.,(Civil Engg.)28R.E/GR.I5000/- B009422 05-03-2019R.E/GR.I/19/03/03408-03-201907-03-2024[email protected] 9841269153
35Tmt R.Devi J2, Maxis Presidium, New No.2, Old No.63/1, L-Block, 24th Street, Anna Nagar East, Chennai – 600102B.E.,(Civil Engg.)30R.E/GR.I5000/- B009277 28-02-2019R.E/GR.I/19/03/03508-03-201907-03-2024[email protected] 9790814465
36Thiru K.Vinodh Raja No.33, Sakthi Nagar, Perumalpattu – 602024 Thiruvallur DistrictB.E.,(Civil Engg.)12R.E/GR.I5000/- B009433 05-03-2019R.E/GR.I/19/03/03611-03-201910-03-2024[email protected] 9840869594/9444512456
37Thiru S.Sivakumar S-2, Nathan Enclave, Door No.108/50, Thiruvalluvarpuram 2nd Street, Choolaimedu, Chennai – 600 094M.E.,(Structural Engg.)32R.E/GR.I5000/- B009495 06-03-2019R.E/GR.I/19/03/03711-03-201910-03-2024[email protected] 9003032299
38Thiru B.Balamurugan AG-66, River View Colony, 3rd Street, Anna Nagar, Chennai – 600 040M.Tech., (Structural Engg.)25R.E/GR.I5000/- B009460 05-03-2019R.E/GR.I/19/03/03811-03-201910-03-2024[email protected] 9841051954
39Thiru C.Ramesh Kumar 12/9, Yamuna Street, Bharath Nagar, Adambakkam, Chennai – 600 088M.E.,(Structural Engg.)25R.E/GR.I5000/- B009497 06-03-2019R.E/GR.I/19/03/03911-03-201910-03-2024[email protected] 8056057700
40Dr. P.Nallathambi F-1, Accacia, No.10, Bandhu Street, Ganapathy Nagar, Nagalkeni, Chrompet, Chennai -44M.E., (Structural Engg.), Ph.D32R.E/GR.I5000/- B009490 06-03-2019R.E/GR.I/19/03/04011-03-201910-03-2024[email protected] 9444020706
41Thiru K.Satheesh Kannan No.75, A-26, Customes Excise Ezhilagam Church Main Road, Perungudi, Chennai – 96B.E.,(Civil Engg.)13R.E/GR.I5000/- B009515 07-03-2019R.E/GR.I/19/03/04111-03-201910-03-2024[email protected] 9500150123
42Selvi V.Priyadarshini 5, RP Block, Lloyds Estate, Royapettah, Chennai -14M.Tech.,(Environmental Engg.)7R.E/GR.I5000/- B009368 04-03-2019R.E/GR.I/19/03/04211-03-201910-03-2024[email protected] 9444777699
43Thiru S.T.Mohan E4, Baid Metha Complex, 16, Anna Salai, Little Mount, Saidapet, Chennai -15M.E.,(Structural Engg.)7R.E/GR.I5000/- B009572 08-03-2019R.E/GR.I/19/03/04311-03-201910-03-2024[email protected] 9941912483
44Thiru S.Dinesh 33/15, B7, Adhisri Apartments, Kothari Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai -34B.E.,(Civil Engg.)14R.E/GR.I5000/- B009431 04-03-2019R.E/GR.I/19/03/04411-03-201910-03-2024[email protected] 9443183000
45Thiru S.Ramesh F.No.532, M-3, Vrisa Apartments, Sir Venkateswara Homes, L.H.Nagar, 4th Cross Street, Adambakkam, Chennai -88M.E.,(Construction Engg & management)25R.E/GR.I5000/- B009408 04-03-2019R.E/GR.I/19/03/04511-03-201910-03-2024[email protected] 9444002426
46Thiru M.S.Sabesan 11A, First Street, East Abiramapuram, Mylapore, Chennai -4M.Tech., (Civil Engg.)30R.E/GR.I5000/- B009446 05-03-2019R.E/GR.I/19/03/04611-03-201910-03-2024[email protected] 9840210090
47Thiru S.Ramakrishnan Plot No.84, Door No.4/6, Nehru Nagar 1st Main Road, Ramapuram, Chennai – 600 089B.TECH (CIVIL Engg.)32 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B009576 11.03.2019RE/GR-I/19/03/04725.03.201924.03.2024[email protected] 9840093800
48Thiru P.S.Murugavel No.23, Brindavanam 5th Street, Chetpet, Chennai-600 031B.E (CIVIL Engg.)15 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B009596 11.03.2019RE/GR-I/ 19/03/04825.03.201924.03.2024[email protected] 8838896870
49Thiru K.Ramnath No.23/16, A-4 Lakshmi Enclave, Abiramapuram 1st Street, Alwarpet, Chennai – 600 018B.E (CIVIL Engg.)23 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B009580 11.03.2019RE/GR-I/ 19/03/04925.03.201924.03.2024[email protected] 9841444060
50Thiru P.Sathish NO.3, Main Street, New Anna Nagar, Pudur, Ambattur, Chennai – 600 053B.TECH (CIVIL Engg.)10 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B009553 08.03.2019RE/GR-I/ 19/03/05025.03.201924.03.2024[email protected] 9962209816
51Thiru G.Goutham Chand NO.33(Old), 65(New), Thambu Chetty Street, Chennai-600 001B.E (CIVIL Engg.)35 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B009567 08.03.2019RE/GR-I/ 19/03/05125.03.201924.03.2024[email protected] 9841019161
52Thiru S.Asokan No.26, Sri Ganapathy Nagar, Thiruvverkadu, Chennai – 600 077B.E (CIVIL Engg.)14 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B009974 21.03.2019RE/GR-I/ 19/03/05225.03.201924.03.2024[email protected] 9884333021
53Thiru A.Pandian No.19/12, Banu Nagar, 5th Avenue, Pudur, Ambattur, Chennai – 600 053B.E (CIVIL Engg.)22 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B009981 21.03.2019RE/GR-I/ 19/03/05325.03.201924.03.2024[email protected] 8754478025
54Thiru V.S.Sekar E/G6, KGEYES Apoorvaa Flats.104, Panchayat Road, Gangai Amman Nagar Extn.., Nolambur, Chennai – 600 107B.E (CIVIL Engg.)18 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B009837 18.03.2019RE/GR-I/ 19/03/05425.03.201924.03.2024[email protected] 9940171520
55Thiru S.Panner Selvam No.12/28, Ganesh Avenue, Sakthi Nagar, Porur, Chennai – 600 116B.E (CIVIL Engg.)29 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B009941 20.03.2019RE/GR-I/19/03/05525.03.201924.03.2024[email protected] 9789918400
56Thiru D.Ravindrran Plot No.E-95, Door No.18, 13th West Street, Kamaraj Nagar, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai – 600 041B.E (CIVIL Engg.)15 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B009623 12.03.2019RE/GR-I/ 19/03/05625.03.201924.03.2024[email protected] 9380579702
57Thiru P.Mariappan No.19/1, United India Nagar, 1st Main Road, Ayanavaram, Chennai – 600 023B.E (CIVIL Engg.)30 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010033 22.03.2019RE/GR-I/ 19/03/05725.03.201924.03.2024[email protected] 9841296750
58Thiru M.Muththannan Flat No.S1, Thirupparvai Flats, Plot No.1, 1st Street, Andal Garden, Ramapuram, Chennai – 600 089B.E (CIVIL Engg.)15 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010036 22.03.2019RE/GR-I/ 19/03/05825.03.201924.03.2024[email protected] 9444264006
59Tmt. G.Bharathi No.153, Kamarajar Street, Sendhurpuram, Kattupakkam, Chennai – 600 056B.TECH (CIVIL Engg.)12 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010037 22.03.2019RE/GR-I/ 19/03/05925.03.201924.03.2024[email protected] 9790843916
60Thiru B.Elanchezhiyan No.79,Ground Floor, Nithiyandam Street, Vasudevan Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Chennai- 600 083B.E (CIVIL Engg.)20 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B009983 21.03.2019RE/GR-I/ 19/03/06025.03.201924.03.2024[email protected] 9841635259
61Thiru D.Prasanth No.3, 8th Cross Street, Shenoy Nagar, Chennai – 600 030B.TECH (CIVIL Engg.)12 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010043 22.03.2019RE/GR-I/19/03/06125.03.201924.03.2024[email protected] 9600156677
62Thiru K.Yokanathan F5/526, Golden Nugget, Ramasamy Salai, K.K.Nagar, Chennai – 600 078B.E (CIVIL Engg.)10 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B009690 13.03.2019RE/GR-I/19/03/06225.03.201924.03.2024[email protected] 9962046699
63Thiru R.Praveen W45, 7th Street, Anna Nagar, Chennai – 600 040B.E (CIVIL Engg.)16 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B009634 12.03.2019RE/GR-I/19/03/06325.03.201924.03.2024[email protected] 9840844448
64Thiru R.Naren No.45, W-block, 7th Street, Anna Nagar, Chennai – 600 040B.E (CIVIL Engg.)16 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B009633 12.03.2019RE/GR-I/ 19/03/06425.03.201924.03.2024[email protected] 9840854444
65Thiru B.Balakrishnan Plot No.27, Thiru-vi-ka Street, Thenpalani Nagar, Kolathur, Chennai – 600 099B.E (CIVIL Engg.)13 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B009701 13.03.2019RE/GR-I/ 19/03/06525.03.201924.03.2024[email protected] 9841074459
66Thiru E.Ramalingam New No.35/1, Old No.17/1, Kalavai Street, Chintadripet, Chennai – 600 002B.E (CIVIL Engg.)14 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B009570 08.03.2019RE/GR-I/ 19/03/06625.03.201924.03.20249962545632
67Thiru M.Dulpackir No.9/909, Golden Avenue, Sivagami Nagar, Medavakkam, Chennai – 600 100B.E (CIVIL Engg.)30 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B009692 13.03.2019RE/GR-I/19/03/06725.03.201924.03.2024[email protected] 9941747677
68Thiru S.Vijayanandan No.5, 1st Floor, Bishop Wallers Venue West, Mylapore, Chennai-600 004B.E (CIVIL Engg.)19 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B009784 15.03.2019RE/GR-I/19/03/06825.03.201924.03.2024[email protected] 9884038622
69Thiru V.Pandurangan No.80/5, Zenith Akash, T.M.Maistry Street, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai-600 041B.E (CIVIL Engg.)34 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B009817 18.03.2019RE/GR-I/19/03/06925.03.201924.03.2024[email protected] 9840137876
70Thiru M.Venkata Subbarao Mass Towers, 1st Floor, 38/74 Bazullah Road, T.Nagar, Chennai – 600 017B.E (CIVIL Engg.) M.E., (STRUCTURAL Engg.)16 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B009630 12.03.2019RE/GR-I/19/03/07025.03.201924.03.2024[email protected] 9840199099
71Thiru S.Saravanan No.3, 8th Cross Street, New Colony, Chrompet, Chennai- 600 044B.E (CIVIL Engg.)12 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B009889 19.03.2019RE/GR-I/19/03/07125.03.201924.03.2024[email protected] 9884086137
72Tmt. V.Gokila No.38, 3rd Street, Rajeshwari Nagar, Poonamallee, Chennai – 600 056B.E (CIVIL Engg.)13 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010087 25.03.2019RE/GR-I/19/03/07225.03.201924.03.2024[email protected] 9884989136
73Thiru P.Balakrishnan No.3, J.P.Nagar 1St Street, 2nd Avenue, Kathirvedu, Chennai – 600 066B.E (CIVIL Engg.)28 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010077 25.03.2019RE/GR-I/19/03/07325.03.201924.03.2024[email protected] 9940565045 9444189103
74Thiru S.Ananda Selvan No.30, 3rd street, Rajaji Avenue, Valasaravakkam, Chennai – 600 087AMIE, M.E., (STRUCTURAL Engg.)10 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010099 25.03.2019RE/GR-I/19/03/07425.03.201924.03.2024[email protected] 9884080585
75Thiru M.Ramamurthy G-1 Vijaymara 14, Karumariamman Nagar, Mudichur Road, West Tambaram, Chennai – 600 045B.E (CIVIL Engg.)32 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010147 26.03.2019RE/GR-I/19/03/07526.03.201925.03.2024[email protected] 9884336669
76Thiru S.V.Satheesh No.22, Thambi Kaali Amman Kovil Street, Ponnamapet, Salem.B.E (CIVIL) M.E., ( STRUCTURAL Engg.)12 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010229 27.03.2019RE/GR-I/19/03/07626.03.201925.03.2024[email protected] 9986170804
77Thiru N.Kalyanaraman No.29 Sankara Salai, Subam Nagar, Part- 3, Pallavaram, Chennai – 600 117B.E (CIVIL Engg.)30 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010219 27.03.2019RE/GR-I/19/03/07727.03.201926.03.2024[email protected] 9840828818
78Thiru C.P.Subhash No.245, Max Worth nagar, S.Kolathur, Kovilambakkam, Chennai- 600 117B.E (CIVIL Engg.)11 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010223 27.03.2019RE/GR-I/19/03/07827.03.201926.03.2024[email protected] 9551057777
79Thiru A.K.Santharam, Flat No.9049, Prestige Bella Vsta, Ayyapanthangal, Chennai-600 056B.E (CIVIL Engg.)31 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010222 27.03.2019RE/GR-I/19/03/07927.03.201926.03.2024[email protected] 98478309661
80Thiru M.C.Shanmugam No.47, Tank Street, Thirumullaivoyal, Chennai – 600 062B.TECH (CIVIL Engg.)10 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010216 27.03.2019RE/GR-I/19/03/08027.03.201926.03.20249840061669
81Thiru V.Ravichandran No.1213, Dr.No.35, Bobbili Raja Salai, K.K.Nagar, Chennai- 600 078B.E (CIVIL Engg.)42 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010205 27.03.2019RE/GR-I/19/03/08127.03.201926.03.2024[email protected] 9790935480
82Thiru N.Pushparajan, No.131/1, G.A. Road, Old Washermenpet, Chennai – 600 021B.E (CIVIL Engg.)18 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010196 27.03.2019RE/GR-I/19/03/08227.03.201926.03.2024[email protected] 9444875600
83Thiru D.Chenthil Kumaran No.17, South Main Road, 1st Street, Adambakkam, Chennai – 600 088B.E (CIVIL Engg.)15 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010139 26.03.2019RE/GR-I/19/03/08327.03.201926.03.2024[email protected] 9791146215
84Thiru B.Amjed Mohammed 1/9, Perambur High Road, 1st Street, Jamalia, Chennai – 600 012B.E (CIVIL Engg.)30 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010247 28.03.2019RE/GR-I/19/03/08428.03.201927.03.2024[email protected] 9840060362
85Thiru Balamurugan.P No.532A,New No.7, 20th Street, 4th Sector, K.K.Nagar, Chennai – 600 078B.E (CIVIL Engg.)18 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010240 28.03.2019RE/GR-I/19/03/08528.03.201927.03.2024[email protected] 9444966190
86Thiru R.Radhakrishnan No.24, Sreedharan Street, Puzhudivakkam, Chennai – 600 091B.E (CIVIL Engg.)14 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- C100103 25.03.2019RE/GR-I/19/03/08628.03.201927.03.2024[email protected] 9840065420
87Thiru D.David Plot No.11, FRB’s Daffodils, Yerikkarai Street, Sembakkam, Chennai – 600 073B.E (CIVIL Engg.)13 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010159 26.03.2019RE/GR-I/19/03/08728.03.201927.03.2024[email protected] 9884035389
88Thiru K.N.Arumugam A.143, Ankur Palm Springs, New No.4, CTH Road, Padi, Chennai – 600 050B.E (CIVIL Engg.)14 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010160 26.03.2019RE/GR-I/19/03/08828.03.201927.03.2024[email protected] 9884058889
89Thiru V.Bernardshaw No.101,4th Main Road , Krishna Nagar, Perumbakkam, Chennai – 600 100B.E (CIVIL Engg.) M.E. (STRUCTURAL Engg.)39 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010208 27.03.2019RE/GR-I/19/03/08928.03.201927.03.2024[email protected] 9444227576
90Thiru A.Kumaravel No.57/61, Basuveyon Street, Old washermenpet, Chennai – 600 021B.E (CIVIL Engg.)11 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010273 28.03.2019RE/GR-I/19/03/09028.03.201927.03.2024[email protected] 9962858397
91Thiru S.Alagesan No.16 Chengalvarayan Street, Ramalingapuram, Opp to ESI, Ayanavaram, Chennai – 600 012B.E (CIVIL Engg.)30 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010221 27.03.2019RE/GR-I/19/03/09101.04.201931.03.2024[email protected] 9443189596
92Thiru M.Kumar C3/18, Jaibarth Apartment, TNHB Flats, Chennai – 600 037B.E (CIVIL Engg.)33 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010234 28.03.2019RE/GR-I/19/03/09201.04.201931.03.2024[email protected] 9841081639
93Thiru R.Kalaimony No.35/F3, Sai krupa Apartments, Ramagiri Nagar, Tharamani Link Road, Velachery, Chennai – 600042B.E (CIVIL Engg.) M.E., (ENVIRONMENTAL Engg.)32 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010207 27.03.2019RE/GR-I/19/03/09301.04.201931.03.2024[email protected] 9940548833
94Thiru M.Lakshmanan No.197/198, Ram Baratham Apartment, LIC Nagar, 5th Street, Madipakkam, Chennai – 600 091B.E (CIVIL Engg.)11 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010328 29.03.2019RE/GR-I/19/03/09401.04.201931.03.2024[email protected] 9629374103
95Thiru B.Madhavan No.19/8, Sree Siva Sakthi Gruham, 2nd Floor Nadu Street, Mylapore – 600 004B.E (CIVIL Engg.)24 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010395 02.04.2019RE/GR-I/19/04/09502.04.201901.04.2024[email protected] 9840157000
96Thiru M.S.Karthikeyan No.3, Plot No.196, Agathiar Street, Alwarthirunagar, Chennai – 600 087B.E (CIVIL Engg.) M.E.,(C & M)17 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010405 02.04.2019RE/GR-I/19/04/09602.04.201901.04.2024[email protected] 9841025214
97Thiru M.Sappany Pillai No.(146)299, Peters Road, Thousand Lights, Chennai – 600 086B.E (CIVIL Engg.)33 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010418 02.04.2019RE/GR-I/19/04/09702.04.201901.04.2024[email protected] 7299037809
98Thiru A.Poovannan G2,5,4th Main road, Anna Nagar Etxn.., Velacherry, Chennai – 600 042B.E (CIVIL Engg.)20 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010425 03.04.2019RE/GR-I/19/04/09803.04.201902.04.2024[email protected] 9444001252
99Thiru R.Arangarajan C1, Astalakshmi Apartments, No.68, 2nd Main Road, Gandhi Nagar, Chennai – 600 020B.E (CIVIL Engg.)28 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B009697 13.03.2019RE/GR-I/19/04/09903.04.201902.04.2024[email protected] 9840868031
100Thiru S.Meganathan No.11/5D, Narayanapuram 1st Street, Choolaimedu, Chennai – 600 094B.E (CIVIL Engg.)20 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010479 03.04.2019RE/GR-I/19/04/10003.04.201902.04.2024[email protected] 9840321900
101Thiru R.Gopinath Plot No.18, Flat S2, Maniammai Street, Nanmangalam, Chennai – 600 117B.E (CIVIL Engg.)13 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010488 03.04.2019RE/GR-I/19/04/10103.04.201902.04.2024[email protected] 9500096960
102Thiru S.Ramalingam 12/246, SRP Colony, 9th Street, Periyar Nagar, Chennai – 600 082B.E (CIVIL Engg.)33 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010485 03.04.2019RE/GR-I/19/04/10203.04.201902.04.2024[email protected] 9443127970
103Thiru R.Nagarajan No.81, Labour Colony 1st Street, Pallikaranai, Chennai – 600 100B.E (CIVIL Engg.)23 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010480 03.04.2019RE/GR-I/19/04/10303.04.201902.04.2024[email protected] 9841046604
104Thiru P.S.Sateesh 46, 2nd Street, Balaji Nagar, Virumgambakkam, Chennai – 600 092B.E (CIVIL Engg.) M.E.14 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010534 04.04.2019RE/GR-I/19/04/10404.04.201903.04.2024[email protected] 8300046220
105Thiru A.Devendiran No.7, V.V.Kovil, Street, Opp-MEPZ Tambaram-Sanitorium, Chennai – 600 045B.E (CIVIL Engg.) M.E. (STRUCTURAL Engg.)25 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B009545 08.04.2019RE/GR-I/19/04/10504.04.201903.04.2024[email protected] 9444059330
106Thiru H.J.Jude Aruldoss 24, Jonahan Street, R.A.Puram, Chennai – 600 028B.E (CIVIL Engg.)10 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010527 04.04.2019RE/GR-I/19/04/10604.04.201903.04.2024[email protected] 9444067440
107Thiru A.P.Radhakrishnan No.1669, 27th Street, Poompuhar Nagar, Kolathur, Chennai – 600 099B.E (CIVIL Engg.)41 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010592 05.04.2019RE/GR-I/19/04/10705.04.201904.04.2024[email protected] 9677039999
108Thiru R.V.Mohanan INDUS AMBER APARTMENTS, Block 2 Apartment No.2A, 73 West Jones Road, West Saidapet, Chennai – 600 015B.E (CIVIL Engg.)17 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- C100130 05.04.2019RE/GR-I/19/04/10805.04.201904.04.2024[email protected] 9894400122
109Thiru M.Chandrasekaran New No.184, Old No.72, Vellala Street, Ayanavaram, Chennai – 600 023B.E (CIVIL Engg.)28 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B009878 19.03.2019RE/GR-I/19/04/10905.04.201904.04.2024[email protected] 9445070304
110Thiru J.Madhan No.9, Nakkeeran Street, Ottery, Chennai – 600 012B.E (CIVIL Engg.)12 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- C100140 10.04.2019RE/GR-I/19/04/11010.04.201909.04.2024[email protected] 9092511999
111Thiru S.Rathan Machendran No.3A/1, 1st Street, Sri Sakthi Vijayalakshmi Nagar, Velacherry, Chennai – 600 042B.E (CIVIL Engg.)13 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010692 10.04.2019RE/GR-I/19/04/11110.04.201909.04.2024[email protected] 9841867500
112Thiru S.Karthick 7/5, Grama 1st Street, K.H.Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai – 600 034B.E (CIVIL Engg.)16 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010696 10.04.2019RE/GR-I/19/04/11210.04.201909.04.2024[email protected] 9884811616
113Thiru A.G.V. Desigan No.1, New Street, Jai Nagar, Arumbakkam, Chennai – 600 106B.E (CIVIL Engg.) M.E., (STRUCTURAL Engg.)13 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010702 10.04.2019RE/GR-I/19/04/11310.04.201909.04.2024[email protected] 9444398981
114Thiru C.Sendil No.3A/1, 1st Street, Sri Sakthi Vijayalakshmi Nagar, Velacherry, Chennai – 600 042B.E (CIVIL Engg.)22 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010694 10.04.2019RE/GR-I/19/04/11410.04.201909.04.2024[email protected] 9841079376
115Thiru P.N.Chandrasekar No.11, 9th Street, Sakthi Nagar, Nerkundram, Chennai – 600 107B.E (CIVIL Engg.)14 YEARSR.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010681 10.04.2019RE/GR-I/19/04/11510.04.201909.04.2024[email protected] 9841553701
116Thiru N.Ayyappan 1st Floor, No.26, Palai Sankaran Street, Mahalingapuram, Nungambakkam, Chennai – 600 034B.E (Civil Engg.)22R.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010220 27.03.2019RE/GR-I/19/04/11611.04.201910.04.2024[email protected] 9442059517 9566222617
117Thiru P.K. Jayakanthan Flat No.18, Door No.27/13, Srinivasan Street, T.Nagar, Chennai – 600 017M.TECH (Civil Engg.)10R.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010244 28.03.2019RE/GR-I/19/04/11711.04.201910.04.2024pkdesigners@gmailcom 9444034470
118Thiru T.Sundaravadivelu Plot No.17, Door No.30/1, 3rd Street, Venkateshwara Nagar, Part-I, Kodungaiyur, Chennai – 600 118B.E (Civil Engg.)29R.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010699 10.04.2019RE/GR-I/19/04/11811.04.201910.04.2024[email protected] 9841422477
119Thiru T.James Jayakumar No.13, Railway Station Road, Alandur, Chennai – 600 016B.E (Civil Engg.)20R.E/GR.IRS 5000/- C100133 09.04.2019RE/GR-I/19/04/11911.04.201910.04.2024[email protected] 9566009997
120Thiru K.Sridharan B4, Premier Graha lakshmi Apartments, No.8, Ramachandra Road, Mylapore, Chennai – 600 004M.E., (Structural Engg.)31R.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010697 10.04.2019RE/GR-I/19/04/12011.04.201910.04.2024[email protected] 9789098458
121Thiru T.S.Vijayamohan Sri Balaji, B-53/1, 70 Feet Road, Periyar Nagar, Chennai – 600 082B.E (Civil Engg.)19R.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010731 11.04.2019RE/GR-I/19/04/12112.04.201911.04.2024[email protected] 9840057516
122Thiru M.Thiruvengadam No.71/34, T.K. Street, Choolai, Chennai – 600 112B.E (Civil Engg.)25R.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010770 12.04.2019RE/GR-I/19/04/12215.04.201914.04.2024[email protected] 9094033487
123Thiru M.Saravana Kumar No.5/371, Samipuram Colony, Sivakasi(East) – 626 189B.E (Civil Engg.)10R.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010771 12.04.2019RE/GR-I/19/04/12315.04.201914.04.2024[email protected] 9952086426
124Thiru M.D.Ruben No.20, Manimegalai 1st Street, Pallikaranai, Chennai – 600 100B.E (Civil Engg.)11R.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010882 16.04.2019RE/GR-I/19/04/12422.04.201921.04.2024[email protected] 9840479632
125Thiru M.Nandivarman 4A, 46/13, VOC Street, Abith Colony, Saidapet, Chennai – 600 015M.E. (Structural Engg.)25R.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010825 15.04.2019RE/GR-I/19/04/12522.04.201921.04.2024[email protected] 8778256507 9042956506
126Thiru K.Chandrasekar Old No.87, New No.99, South West BOAG Road, T.Nagar, Chennai – 600 017B.E (Civil Engg.)29R.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B009660 12.03.2019RE/GR-I/19/04/12622.04.201921.04.2024[email protected] 9444383243
127Thiru D.Kandhavel Plot No.63, Ganesha Nagar, Mannivakkam, Chennai – 600 048B.E (Civil Engg.)17R.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010922 22.04.2019RE/GR-I/19/04/12722.04.201921.04.2024[email protected] 9940612107
128Thiru C.Jeya Baskar 1/3, Subburayan Street, Mylapore, Chennai – 600 004B.E (Civil Engg.) M.H.R.M..,33R.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010847 15.04.2019RE/GR-I/19/04/12822.04.201921.04.2024[email protected] 9444361394
129Thiru D.Arun New No.10, Old No.15, Karaneeswarar Koil, 1st Lane, Mylapore, Chennai – 600 004B.E (Civil Engg.)11R.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010974 23.04.2019RE/GR-I/19/04/12923.04.201922.04.2024[email protected] 9884304111
130Thiru N.Jayaraman Plot No.63, Durairaj Street, Thiru Nagar, Valasaravakkam, Chennai – 600 087B.E (Civil Engg.)30R.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010896 16.04.2019RE/GR-I/19/04/13023.04.201922.04.2024[email protected] 9841015867
131Thiru R.Thirumanan No.3, Rajambal Street, Dhandeeswaram Nagar, Velachery, Chennai – 600 042B.E (Civil Engg.) M.B.A25R.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010629 08.04.2019RE/GR-I/19/04/13123.04.201922.04.2024[email protected] 8220633933
132Thiru B.N.Satish Plot No.38, D.No.40, Annamalai Colony, Virugambakkam, Chennai – 600 092B.E (Civil Engg.)28R.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010964 23.04.2019RE/GR-I/19/04/13225.04.201924.04.2024[email protected] 9789066532
133Thiru B.Senthil Velan No.63, K.R.Nagar Extn., 2nd Street, Anna Nagar West Extn., Chennai – 600 101B.E (Civil Engg.)26R.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010963 23.04.2019RE/GR-I/19/04/13325.04.201924.04.2024[email protected] 9677176518
134Thiru R.Jeyakumar No.12/23, Crescent Avenue, Kesava Perumalpuram, R.A.Puram, Chennai – 600 028M.E., (Structural Engg.)32R.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010955 23.04.2019RE/GR-I/19/04/13425.04.201924.04.2024[email protected] 9444013224
135Thiru C.Sathiyanarayana Singh 39A, Pattaravakkam West Service Road, Indira Nagar, Ambattur, Chennai – 600 053B.E (Civil Engg.)27R.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010690 10.04.2019RE/GR-I/19/04/13525.04.201924.04.2024[email protected] 9176037235
136Thiru B.T.Rajendran Flat No.6, Athulya, 13, Prithivi Avenue, 2nd Street, Abiramapuram, Chennai – 600 018B.E (Civil Engg.)41R.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010994 24.04.2019RE/GR-I/19/04/13625.04.201924.04.2024[email protected] 9841625282
137Thiru B.Suresh No.98, Flat 101, Royal Luxuria, Robertson Road, Frazer Town, BangloreB.E (Civil Engg.)14R.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010903 22.04.2019RE/GR-I/19/04/13730.04.201929.04.2024[email protected] 9945231360
138Thiru M.Sankaran No.3/55, Sivan Kovil Street, Sembulivaram, Chennai – 600 067B.E (Civil Engg.)10R.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0011049 25.04.2019RE/GR-I/19/04/13830.04.201929.04.2024[email protected] 9444162115
139Thiru V.P.Selvan Plot No.128, V.G.P Avenue, Dr.Seethapathy Nagar, Velachery, Chennai – 600 042B.E (Civil Engg.)13R.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0011079 26.04.2019RE/GR-I/19/04/13930.04.201929.04.2024[email protected] 9841038369
140Thiru G.Venugopal No.1/5-B, Govindasamy Street, Vetri Nagar, Chennai – 600 082B.E (Civil Engg.)30R.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0011116 26.04.2019RE/GR-I/19/04/14030.04.201929.04.2024[email protected] 9444088411
141Thiru G.Muthukumar G2, Padmalaya Flats, 13, East Ragavan Colony Street, Ashok Nagar, Chennai – 600 083B.E (Civil Engg.)28R.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0011170 29.04.2019RE/GR-I/19/04/14130.04.201929.04.2024[email protected] 9940174813
142Thiru V.Siva Subramanian No.3&4, Mahe Tower, School Road, Venkat Nagar, Kolathur, Chennai – 600 099M.E., (Structural Engg.)20R.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0011112 26.04.2019RE/GR-I/19/04/14230.04.201929.04.2024[email protected] 9840742134
143Thiru A.Ravi Krishna Kumar No.37, 3rd Main Road, Kasthuri Bai Nagar, Adayar, Chennai – 600 020B.E (Civil Engg.)24R.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0011165 29.04.2019RE/GR-I/19/04/14330.04.201929.04.2024[email protected] 9841079784
144Thiru K.Sivakumar First Floor, 101, TVH Sathvika Flat, No.5&7, Jeth Nagar 3rd Cross Street, Mandaveli, Chennai – 600 028B.E (Civil Engg.)29R.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0011203 30.04.2019RE/GR-I/19/04/14430.04.201929.04.2024[email protected] 9840091479 9498370635
145Thiru N.Sedhumadhavan No.673, 48th Street, 9th Sector, K.K.Nagar, Chennai – 600 078B.E (Civil Engg.)22R.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0011227 02.05.2019RE/GR-I/19/05/14503.05.201902.05.2024[email protected] 9841722780
146Thiru M.S.Murali Prasad Sesha Vriksha, 30/13, Mannar First Street, Vadapalani, Chennai – 600 026B.E (Civil Engg.)38R.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0011219 30.04.2019RE/GR-I/19/05/14603.05.201902.05.2024[email protected] 9840040488
147Thiru K.Thamilarasan Old No.314, New No.40, Thambu Chetty Street, 2nd Floor, Chennai – 600 001B.E (Civil Engg.)16R.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0011234 02.05.2019RE/GR-I/19/05/14703.05.201902.05.2024[email protected] 9710314955
148Thiru K.Gunasekaran Plot No.16, Om Sakthi Nagar, Balaji Avenue (Near Velmurugan Temple), Guduvancherry, Kanchipuram Dt – 603 202A.M.I.E., (Civil Engg.) M.E (Structural Engg.) Ph.D15R.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0011210 30.04.2019RE/GR-I/19/05/14803.05.201902.05.2024[email protected] 9443353507
149Thiru P.T.Ravichandran No.24B, Krishna Street, A.R. Nagar, Chrompet, Chennai – 600 044B.E (Civil Engg.) M.E (Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engg.) Ph.D25R.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0011209 30.04.2019RE/GR-I/19/05/14903.05.201902.05.2024[email protected] 9840798450
150Thiru A.S.Prabagar No.105/4, 5th Street, Lakshmi Nagar, Madipakkam, Chennai – 600 091M.Tech (C&M)10R.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0011264 02.05.2019RE/GR-I/19/05/15003.05.201902.05.2024[email protected] 9840070050
151Thiru S.Siva 11/147, Dr.Ambethkar Nagar, Chennai – 600 019B.E (Civil Engg.)11R.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0011332 06.05.2019RE/GR-I/19/05/15107.05.201906.05.2024[email protected] 9884256877
152Thiru V.Rengaraj No.27, Balu Nagar, Mogappair East, (Near Vellammal Annexe School), Chennai – 600 037B.E (Civil Engg.)56R.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0011338 06.05.2019RE/GR-I/19/05/15207.05.201906.05.2024[email protected] 9282102111
153Thiru G.Naveenkumar Plot No.58, F1, 1st Floor, Shankar Shelter, 3rd Street, Anna Nagar, Madipakkam, Chennai – 600 091M.E (C&M)11R.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0011346 06.05.2019RE/GR-I/19/05/15307.05.201906.05.2024[email protected] 8939892525
154Thiru P.Velan No.4, Barathi Street, Pallavan Nagar, Nerkundram, Chennai – 600 107B.E (Civil Engg.)16R.E/GR.IRS 5000/- B0010752 11.04.2019RE/GR-I/19/05/15407.05.201906.05.2024[email protected] 7299010887
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