How to pay Chennai Property Tax Online Payment

The Online Payment of the real estate property tax of Chennai needs to be paid to Greater Chennai Corporation through their official link of Chennai Corporation.

The Four-Simple steps to pay your taxes online are:


Step 1: Click on the link Chennai Corporation Website.

Step 2: Enter the property the Zone Number, Ward Number, and Bill N.O of your property and click ‘Submit.’ 

If you are not sure of your location’s ‘administrative’ name and numbers, refer to your previous tax receipts or property registration document. The zone and ward number can be found out at Chennai Corporation ZONE and Ward Finder, by entering your street name. 

Step 3: Verify your ownership details.

Verify your Bill N.O system details and analyze if all information in the GCC website records is accurate.

Step 4: Choose ‘Pay Online’.

You can pay property tax online through Credit Card, Debit Card, or Netbanking options.

When to Pay Property Tax in Chennai?

Property taxes are due for payment by September 31st and March 31st, every year. 

Delayed payment comes with a penalty amount of 1% for every delayed month. 

How to find the Zone Number for Property Tax?

Log on to Chennai Corporation Website: Know you Zone & Division page by clicking here

Remember, Area, Location and Street details are not the same as your postal address. Area would mean your Chennai Corporation Zone Name, Location would mean Ward Name and street address would be your street name as in your property tax document record.

It would be a good idea if you will look upto this Chennai Corporation Ward Document in Tamil to find your zone number and ward number in chennai.

Where to pay Chennai Property Tax?

The municipal office collects property tax both by ONLINE and Offline payments. 

While Online payments are made through the GCC website, the offline payments can be made through authorized Tax Collectors, Chennai E-Seva Offices, Authorized Banks, and Tamil Nadu Arasu Cable Television Corporation (TACTC) of Chennai Taluk offices.  

Authorized banks include Indian Overseas bank, City Union bank, Karur Vysya bank, HDFC, IDBI, Canara bank, Tamilnadu Mercantile bank, Kotak Mahindra bank, Lakshmi vilas bank, Yes bank and Indusland bank.

How Chennai Property Tax is Calculated?

Chennai Corporation collects property tax from its residents as two half-yearly payments. However, the tax rate is computed based on an annual basis. 

Two values determine your Property Tax rates: Basic Rate per square feet, Plinth Area to compute the Reasonable Letting Value (RLV) or Monthly Rental Value.

Plinth area * Basic rate per Sq ft = Reasonable Letting Value (RLV) or Monthly Rental Value.

Chennai Corporation Property Tax Calculator Formula

Discounts that can be availed on the Monthly Rental Value or RLV computed are:

  1. Owner Occupancy Discount of 25 %
  2. Age of Depreciation Discount upto 10%
  3. Discount for an asbestos roof upto 20% (for top floor apartment residents)

The Basic Rate per Square feet is based on your property location. The property taxes vary from locality to locality in Chennai. The Zone, Ward, and street locational values of your residence determine the base rate per square feet of your property tax. 

The Plinth Area is computed for your occupancy using the area dimensions and Corporation Cadastral records of your property. The total built-up area of your house like carpet area, walls, If living in apartments, a percentage of the commonly shared spaces like parking, stairs etc,.. are considered for computing the Plinth Area.

The Reasonable Letting Value (RLV) or Monthly Rental Value computed by simply multiplying the Basic Rate, and the Plinth area, is the possible rental value that your property can possibly generate. The rate usually varies from Rs. 0.60 per square feet to Rs. 2.40 per square feet for residential occupation. For commercial occupation, the rate ranges from Rs. 4.00 per square feet to Rs. 12.00 per square feet. As mentioned before, there are many rebates that an individual can claim against their property taxes in Chennai. As an owner, if you are staying in your property, an Owner Occupation Discount of 25% can be claimed on your taxes. Based on the age of your property building, you can also claim an Age Depreciation up to 10% (1% for each year). 

The monthly RLV is multiplied by 12 to arrive at the Annual Letting Value (ARV). This Annual Letting Value (ARV) is divided into half-yearly values for tax payment purposes. 

A Property tax percentage between 3.75% and 9% and a library cess of 10% is added to the Annual Letting Value. 

The best place to compute these values is through the Chennai Corporation Automated Property Tax Rate Calculator. You can simply enter the location and square feet details of your property to know your property tax dues. In case of doubts, you can call on the Municipal Revenue Officer at 044-25383614/25384510 Extension number #381.

Compared to other Indian cities, Chennai Municipality uses a more simplistic and resident-friendly approach to compute property taxes. All our city’s property records are digitized, and taxation transactions are made available online. Individuals can also view their historical transactions, calculate new tax dues, know their status, raise an online ticket, and call the revenue officer for help in case of complaints or discrepancies. 

By choosing to pay property taxes online, Chennai residents can enjoy a hassle-free, seamless, timely, digitized transactions. Chennai Corporation Civic Services enables such Chennai Property Tax Online payment options for its residents.

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